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  • Welcome to the 1 vs. 100 guide at TV.com!1 vs. 100, hosted by Bob Saget (NBC version) and Carrie Ann Inaba (GSN version), finds ordinary people competing against a Mob of 100. Some of the 100 are ordinary folks, just like them, but the Mob also contains some of the best and the brightest. At any given time, the Mob may consist of children and other extremely smart individuals. Big-name characters are also often seen within the Mob, including such talent as TV characters Jessie, Meoth, James, Wobbuffet, Mime Jr., Hunter J and Ash contestant faces a series of multiple-choice questions, increasing in value after the first few. The prize money won is based directly on members of the Mob that are eliminated from the game as they answer questions incorrectly. After all Mob members are given a few seconds to lock in their answer, the contestant is then given the opportunity to consider the question and then answer. If at any time the lone contestant answers incorrectly, he or she is out of the game and the members of the Mob split the prize money that had been earned up to that point.In order to have a shot at winning the most money, the contestant is given two "helps." The contestant can "Trust the Mob," which locks them into the most popular answer chosen by the Mob. Finally, the contestant is allowed to "Ask the Mob." Two members of the Mob are randomly selected and each speaks about why they chose the answer that they did. The selected members must be honest about the answer they chose, but are allowed to lie about why they chose it.moreless

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    Aired 2/22/08

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    • During the mob introduction Bob Saget: Hello, Ken. Ken, you're no stranger to these kind of games. Is that correct? Ken Jennings: No, Jeopardy! has three players. This is like Jeopardy! on speed.

    • Bob Saget: I have three daughters. Contestant: Oh boy. Bob: No, daughters.

    • (after Ken Jennings gets eliminated) Bob Saget: I would like to take a look right now, if I could, at number 13. Sir, you were our good luck charm. You've been here, you had my back. What happened? Ken Jennings: I went "B"!

    • Bob Saget: Ken, how do you feel? How do you like our program? Ken Jennings: This is great. Like, I've just been going "B" the whole time, and I'm still here. It's amazing! Bob Saget: Wow. You are a genius.

    • Chazz: I just beat the guy who beat everybody on Jeopardy! I'm going to keep going with the Mob.

    • Bob: (repeatedly throughout the program) This game is simple.

    • Monique: I'm competing against literacy. Bob: And a holy person. Monique: Oh, no! I didn't sign up for this.

    • Bob: Please, please. We lost another beauty pageant winner. A moment of silence.

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    • Brian asked a Deal or No Deal model why she answered the way she did, instead of asking Ken Jennings.

    • The first contestant, Brian DeCato, used to play Extreme Dodgeball for the New York Bling during the show's last season.

    • Format for help is as follows --- the contestant is allowed to ask the Mob for help on a question twice. The first time the contestant asks for help, they choose one of the multiple choice answers and the members of the Mob that selected that answer light up. The contestant then chooses one member of the Mob to give a further explanation as to why they selected that answer. The second time the contestant asks for help, two members of the Mob are selected. One has the right answer and one has the wrong answer. Both members speak as to why they chose that answer. Members of the Mob are required to answer honestly when the contestant asks for help, even though it would not benefit them. It was revealed in a later episode, though, that although the Mob member cannot lie about the answer they chose, they may lie about why they chose it.

    • Ratings for this episode will determine whether or not additional episodes of the program will be broadcast.

    • After appearing on the program, Ken Jennings slammed the experience on his blog, Confession of a Trivial Mind, as an "agonizing process." This follows on similar negative comments made by the champion about his experience on Jeopardy!. His remarks earned him a Jeer in the Cheers and Jeers section of TV Guide magazine.

    • A record 37 mobsters were eliminated on one question, one of which was Ken Jennings.

    • The money ladder is different in this episode than in the previous ones. The old ladder went: $10,000 $9,000 $8,000 $7,000 $6,000 $5,000 $4,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $500 $100 While the new ladder goes: $10,000 $7,500 $6,000 $5,000 $4,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $250 $100

    • This week's mob included six sorority sisters, three million dollar winners on Who wants to be a Millionaire, and eight Punk rockers.

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    • On the very first question of the show about "Seabiscuit," Bob said that nobody in the mob missed that question, but when the mob was answering the question, during a close-up of a mob member's keypad, you clearly see him pressing answer B (the answer to the question was C).

    • Sister Rose, a nun with the Daughters of Saint Paul, played for them as a Mob member in this episode. She was playing specifically for their Retired Sisters Fund.

    • The Mob in this episode included three sanitation workers, nine beauty pageant winners and eight Trekkies. At one point in the game, 73% of the Mob had a college degree.

    • The winner of the $10,000 "You vs. 100" game for this episode was Alicia P.

    • As part of an NBC programming stunt, this episode featured four cast members of the program Las Vegas. The original broadcast of this episode in the United States was immediately followed by a special two-hour episode of Las Vegas.

    • Once again, this episode featured a revised format for the gameplay. The dollar chain stretched from $1,000 to $10,000 for each mob member that got the answer wrong. The contestant had to get three questions wrong at $1,000 each before being given the option to "take the money or the mob." If the contestant went on, they would then have to answer two questions at the $2,000 level before being given the chance to get out. After that, they could get out at any time. A revised format was also used for the "Help" system. A new Help was added --- Trust the Mob. If the contestant used this, they would be locked into the answer most favored by the mob. Additionally, the contestant now had all three Help options available at any time and could freely select between them.

    • Bobby V. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was this episodes "You vs. 100" winner of $10,000. The question was regarding the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." It asked which word appeared most frequently in the song --- "row," "boat," or "merrily." The correct answer was "merrily."

    • Nancy K. from Sussex, WI was this episode's You vs. 100 winner.

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    • Bob Saget after shaking Brain's hand holds out his hand in a fist as Howie Mandel does on Deal or No Deal saying, Bob Saget: Let's do this. Brian and Bob's fist touch Bob Saget: Please don't touch me. This joke is an allusion to the TV show Deal or No Deal, which was the lead in for the premiere episode of 1 vs 100.

    • Bob: Once again, people getting their education through Harry Potter. Monique: There you go. Monique asked the Mob for help and one of the Mob members mentioned remembering a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in which the characters played a game of chess on a massive chessboard.

    • Bob: (regarding Kehoe's ambition to sell "eco-friendly hot rods") I feel like I'm talking to Bill Nye the Science Guy. Bill Nye is a television personality and renowned scientist who gained fame by starring in the PBS television program Bill Nye the Science Guy. He has recently been seen guest-starring on the popular CBS procedural Numb3rs.

    • Bob: You chose C. The mascot of Frosted Flakes. A lot of people here thought that answer was grrreat. Frosted Flakes are a breakfast made by Kellogg's, a Michigan-based company also very popular for their Corn Flakes. The mascot of Frosted Flakes is Tony the Tiger who is often heard on television promoting the product by saying that "They're grrreat!"

    • Wink: (after missing a question about Bert and Ernie from "Sesame Street") We have three chihuahuas at home and we don't watch that. Bob has a baby at home and he got that right away. In this episode, Wink Martindale missed a question regarding the friends Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, but Bob Eubanks got the answer correct. The question asked which of the answer choices would have a hand up their shirts. As Bert and Ernie are Sesame Street Muppets, they were the correct answer to this question.

    • Bob: I'm still hooked on Dakota Fanning as possibly a multimillionaire. If Dakota Fanning wasn't a multimillionaire before, she is now, following the premiere of the live-action version of the film Charlotte's Web. This film was well-reviewed with critics and popular with audiences as well.

    • Bob: It's Cheers, it's Frasier and it's Wings. Barry: Wings! In this episode, for $8,000 for each Mob member that missed it, the question referenced asked what celebrity received three Emmy nominations for playing the same character on three different sitcoms. The correct answer was Kelsey Grammer, a popular television actor and producer who is currently serving as an executive producer for NBC's very-own Medium and also appeared as the angel of death on that program. Grammer's popular character, Frasier Crane, first appeared on the long-running sitcom Cheers. This character also appeared in a single guest appearance on Wings, before becoming the main character of the sitcom Frasier.

    • Bob: Okay, Mitch, are you ready to keep going? Mitch: Yes. Very much. It's great to be here on Honey, I Shrunk the Mob. Bob: I don't know who your writer is, but I need to talk to them. A reference to the film and television series Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, in which a group of kids were shrunk to truly miniature size.

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