$10,000 Pyramid

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  • This is the 1st Season of "THE $10,000 PYRAMID" airs at 10:30-11:00am et on CBS-TV.

  • The 6 Categories were all known as "The Loyal Subjects" and each subject has 9 words (Things) and a chance to score 27 points to describe in 30 seconds and rejected before its debut. The Subjects had lowered into 8 things and a chance to score 24 points to win the game and makes a $10,000 Decision.

  • "THE $10,000 PYRAMID" is preempted from July 9 to October 19, 1973 as CBS NEWS coverage for "The Watergate Hearing Trial" and it's the greatest event in 1973.

  • This is the 2nd Season of [i]THE $10,000 PYRAMID[/i] on CBS-TV as an returned from "The Watergate Trial".

  • "THE $10,000 PYRAMID" had returned from "The Watergate Trial" and lost 3 episodes before going on-the-air.

  • Due to the "Watergate Trial"... 2 Shows are missing from the CBS-TV Aircheck lineup.

  • "THE $10,000 PYRAMID" preempted for "The CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade" on November 22, 1973 and it's the 10th Anniversary of the asassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

  • 3 episodes are lost due to the event.

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