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    Mixed, more bad than good

    By anastasia1243, Jun 29, 2015

    Hard to pinpoint a few worthy guests and quality music.

    Few random ep (2012, June 2015) BET

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    By trixx617, Mar 17, 2011

    yes i like this show alot but they are usually really late on videos because i usually listen to songs way before they get on 106 & park lol but yea alot ppl dont like 106 because they replaced Aj and Free but doesnt matter the more Recent host and Co host arent that bad (Terrence & Rocsi)lol Terrence disses rocsi all the time and it kinda get boring when he doesnt stop Rocsi is hot and i like when alot artist come through likke TI Kayne Yung Joc and stuff but i hate when Bow Wow or Soulja Boy comes or new wack artist come out along that linemoreless

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  • 6.0

    It's a good music show.

    By woahwoah678, Jun 04, 2009

    BET has done it again.They created a show that is pretty good except that you see not only the whole music video,you can only see half of it.Well,it's a bad thing to do that,but this show was not only one of the best music video shows ever,it's just that it's one of the best music shows ever and it's not very perfect of being one of the best music shows ever,but it's very cool music show ever made.It's one of the best BET shows ever made and I think it's good for a guy like me.What a very good music show.moreless

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    I had no idea this was in the talk shows group! Who knew?

    By alahiap, Jul 13, 2008

    Roci and Terrance are a cool pair. They're funny and bring the entertainment news good. Roci's cloths are off the hook! She's lucky she gets to wear so many hot cloths. 106 and park is a show where they bring music news and videos. They have a countdown, top 10 videos chosen by the people. The videos can be old or new mostly new though. They interact with the crowd, birthday people get to come and read the next video or the flash back or the new joint. Birthday people also get a gift. The show is really cool. You get to see the hottest, latest and best videos and then Terrance is the comedy. He does all sorts of stupid stuff that is funny. He tries o sing and dance and stuff like that. They have live guests and performances. they sometimes call celebrities on their cell phones. They also have W.O.W. Which is Wild out Wednesday, as you figured happens on Wednesday. They have 3 dance crews from around America come on and dance and then people votes for the winners online. W.O.W. is really cool because you get to see some major skillz and dance crews get to bring it. Sometimes on W.O.W their guest artist is th judge along with th people.

    106 and park is all about the entertainment.moreless

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  • 7.9

    Great show.

    By Lilclown123, Apr 07, 2008

    I dont get why so many people hate this show. I think its great the guests are always people you know the hosts 'Terrance' & 'Rosic' (i think thats right) the conversations they have on it are mostly things that i agree with. The countdowns always got the right music on as voted by people online. And unlike on most of the other simallar music show the conversations don't sound like somebody just gave them a script or there reading off of flash cards they sound like normal conversations that you would have what more could you really want from i show like this i dont know.moreless

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  • 1.7

    Bring back A.J and Free

    By iluvkhalah, Feb 04, 2008

    I loved the show when they had A.J and Free but now I dont even like the show!!! They need to bring them back and get rid of those two clowns that they want to sit here and call host not trying to talk bad about them or nothin but they are not good host at least not for 106!!! But i guess that is how i feel about the whole thing i always wanted to go on the show to see free but i see now that i will never get the chance so i will never go now!! That allmoreless

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    F**k BET and this show

    By phillipj5, Nov 09, 2007

    BET is has been F**kin up since like 1998-99 But this 106 and park... 106 and park!!! are you serious? who thought of putting a tall MaRic√≥n ( AJ ) and a fine ass woman ( Free ) who's voice was always going in and out on the TV wearing NY hats? they suck!! and then those new hosts, the lil mulato boy and the chick i ono the names but they need to chill the hell out. whats worse then all that is they put tasteless ass music videos on TV and think that ish is koo . AND AND the music has no positve message and its GAY you hear the new song by them bammas i ono they know but people be doing they damn dance. the song is chicken noodle soup and with a soda on the side. that dance is making us look like slaves again. i'mma go watch some Billy and mandymoreless

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  • 3.1

    waz all rite now just cant stand it

    By TLb4u, Oct 05, 2007

    i luvd 106 and park wen AJ and Free was ther... now terrence and Roxi r just not cuttin it.. i also lyked the old honeycomb design.... an y way... 106 and park is all right cuz i get to watch music vids and watch terrence make a fool of himself.( feedon janet jackson strawberrys or sumthin lyke that) i lyked watchin AJ AND FREE... they were the best... tigga and julissa were good 2, but i still miss aj and free, i guess they wont cum back and ill have 2 deal with it.... if u agree, post:

    'i want aj and free back... th old 106 and park' (this thing wont let me put uppercase)moreless

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    By MervyMerv858, Sep 28, 2007

    Honestly when this show first started, I watched it almost everyday to see which videos would make it to the top spot. Lately, especially after they took Aj and Free off (it has been a while) its just plain boooorrrriiinnnnggg. They always play the same songs, the episodes seem scripted, and its not worth watching because the have all the same artists on day after day. Some of the songs don't even belong on the countdowns yet they are there, and after they retire or what not, another one of that artists songs end up on the countdown and it gets old.moreless

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  • 7.7

    Eh .

    By eishah92, Sep 16, 2007

    This show is pretty dull sometimes, but other times it's great. They have those hip-POP artists on there and interview them -_- Which I hate. But sometimes a few real hip-hop artists will come on the show. And the live performances are good sometimes. Wild Out Wednesday is one of the best features of the show, so I almost always watch this show on Wednesday. I like the Flashback Joints cuz they bring back memories =P Terrence and Rocsi are so cute together, and if they aren't dating I think they definitely should be. Well yeah, every week it's usually the same videos with a few changes...much better than TRL though, so I can't complain there.moreless

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