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  • Free: We gotta pay a couple billy bills around here.

  • (after Mystikal's "Shake It Fast" video) AJ: Free always runs away when we play that video cause theres too many of them girls shakin' they stuff doin' they thing.

  • (in stands) Free: Hey AJ! (in sad voice) I miss you.

  • Free: (to AJ) I just felt like pushing you just now for some strange reason.

  • AJ: My braids were looking horrible. Free: I couldn't stop shaking my leg.

  • AJ: We're gonna burn this tape after.

  • AJ: That is horrible. That is horrible. That is like a old photo album you don't want anybody to see.

  • Free: You got your meat and potatoes now, you looking real rich right there young man.

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Notes (39)

  • New Joint of the Day: Jill Scott - Getting In the Way

  • Ol' School Joint of the Day: BBD - Poison

  • New Joint of the Day: Michael Jackson - You Rock My World

  • Brandy is Back with a highly anticpated album!!!

  • Brandy Norwood was the Guest host for this episode

  • The Number one video was Fat Joe Featuring Terror Squad's Lean Back.

  • Tuesday's New Releases Artist Name: Lloyd Album Title: SouthSide Lable: The INC./Def Jam Producers: Irv Gotti, ETC. Release Date: July 20, 2004

  • For the second day in a row Lean Back was the number one video.

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Trivia (10)

  • After video numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9, there is no font to say the artist and name of the video.

  • For the number 10 video, there is a different font saying the artist and name for the beginning and ending of the video are different.

  • Nia Long states that she is 5'2".

  • michelle falls during performance.

  • Michelle falls on 106 and park

  • michelle williams falls

  • Michelle falling during performance

  • She fell pretty hard!!!!!!!!!!

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