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  • Sébastien: So I got the big room, huh? They tell I'm gonna need a roommate. You in? Squib: I've done nothing but rag on you since you got here. Sébastien: Something you should know about me: I like to take the hard road too.

  • Sébastien: Your whole room versus my little racquet? Hardly seems fair. Squib: Something you should know about me: I like to take the hard road.

  • Megan: (about Sébastien) Like James Dean, meets Prince William, meets... somebody French.

  • Squib: (After having his head shoved into mud) Should've stuck to bowling.

  • Sébastien: Where's Megan these days anyways? Adena: I can't talk to her. It's like she's been a different person since we got to Cascadia. Sébastien: Well, you should learn to speak her language, 'cause it's a drag not having her around.

  • Megan: Adena, will there ever be a time you won't want something I have? I mean, the only reason you're here is because I am. Adena: I'm good. Is that so hard to take? Megan: It's not just that. Our whole lives you've gone out of your way to one-up me. And yes, Adena, you always win. Tennis, boys, even M&Ms. Adena: So I'm supposed to apologize for winning? Megan: It's not about you winning, Adena! It's about why you always want to.

  • Megan: She has private trainers? That's hardly fair! Coach Gunnerson: Well, say hello to the real world.

  • Sunny:*To Squib* I kick your ass didn't I.

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Notes (58)

  • We find out that Adena and Megan have been best friends since they were little and grown up in Oakville. In the weightroom scene, we find out that Adena joined Cascadia, after Megan applied and got accepted. It ended up that Adena was naturally a better tennis player than Megan, which irritates Megan because Adena wants to win everything that Megan goes for.

  • We find out that Sebastien is actually poor. His father, Henri Dube, works at a bowling alley as a cook for Artie's to help pay for Sebastien's tuition. Sebastien never confirms that he is rich in this episode, but most of the students who attend Cascadia are generally wealthy due to the fact that tuition to attend Cascadia is very expensive, and assumes that anyone who does attend the institution, would be wealthy.

  • The car can be rusted because Sebastien arrived in a taxi.

  • Squib tries to destroy Sunny when he catches her drinking another soft drink other than the one she should be promoting. He takes a picture of Sunny drinking the competitor's drink and by posting them throughout Cascadia, causing a difficult situation for Sunny. When Squib finds out that when President Bates is keeping the negatives to the criminating photos to blackmail Sunny, it is Squib to the rescue. Sunny later repays Squib in 1x08, 'Mixed up Doubles' by pairing up with Squib.

  • This is the first episode Sunny appears in.

  • We find out from Gunnerson that the strengths of each member in the core Group A: Squib has a powerful serve, Sunny's is her agility, Adena's her hits, Sebastien's is backhand. We find out that Megan only risen to Group A for the fact that she is highly motivated (and probably works the hardest in training wise), compared to anyone else in Group A. While Gunnerson mentions to Megan if he made a mistake in putting Megan as Group A, it suggest that Megan was not originally in Group A, but in Group B - making Adena's placing higher as a better tennis player than Megan, when in fact Megan is the one who was interested in tennis and accepted into Cascadia first, as seen in episode 1x01.

  • Squib and Meghan kiss as a dare initiated by Adena.

  • Squib once did drugs.

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Trivia (16)

  • Everyone at Cascadia is Canadian, except Sebastien, as according to President Bates, Sebastien is a transfer student from Paris, France. This also holds true in real life, where all the cast members are Canadian except Vadim, who is from Paris, France.

  • We find out that Cody is a new student without athletic reasons to be at Cascadia - but rather her father is the new psychiatrist on campus.

  • We find out that Cody does not live with the rest of Cascadia. She and her father live in separate quarters from the campus.

  • We find out in episode 1x12, 'Squib Inc' Sunny is number one player in Cascadia, followed by Adena. Sunny is also the youngest athlete in Cascadia.

  • We find out that Cody is the only one at Cascadia that knows the truth about Sebastien - that he is in fact poor.

  • Sunny's apparent crush on Sebastien is more apparent in this episode: she wanted to pair up with Sebastien, not because of his skills in tennis, but because in mixed doubles it is a chance for the girls and boys to interact with each other.

  • Though we find out that Sunny has a crush on Sebastien, she also has a soft spot for Squib. He had rescued her public image in episode 1x02, so she repays him by pairing up with him in this episode.

  • Adena goes through the Five Stages of Grief in order to cope with Meghan's death, her childhood friend, provoked when it came to Tanis being Adena's new roommate: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

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Allusions (78)

  • Studentia Jockulus is latin for "the jock". Cody wrote this for her first paper at Cascadia, the Chronicles.

  • The episode theme of, 'The Princess & the Clown' is closesly parallel to the Scottish tale, The Princess And The Golden Shoes about the attempt of personal destruction of a character because of jealousy.

  • The episode title, 'The Princess & the Clown' may have been derived from the movie title, The Princess and the Pirate (1944).

  • The title is close to the fairy tale title:"The Princess and the Pea".

  • The episdoe title, 'The French Deception may have been derived from the movie tite, The Gay Deception (1935), about a woman who wins the lottery and lives like the queen in New York and moves into a hotel where she meets a bellboy who happens to be a real prince in disguise.

  • Midnight Snack Club is a reference to the movie, The Breakfast Club (1985) about five high school students from completely different backgrounds meet in Saturday detention, and the results change their lives forever.

  • The episode title may have been derived from the movie title, Reckoning (2002) about a mysterious man who enters a bar inquiring about a woman with angel eyes for whom he is looking, and also a man, with a limp, who is as evil as the devil, who has taken her.

  • Scourge of the Frankenrival is an allusion to the book Frankenstein that Mary Shelley published in 1910. This book was mentioned in the episode because Squib must tell a book report on this book as a punishment for not completing his past work and not paying attention during class. Scourge is a means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment; Frankenstein is for ugly, and rival as opponent, which represents Megan and Adena's attempt at dethroning Sunny with Violet Hall.

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