17th Precinct

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  • S 1 : Ep 1


    Aired 10/3/11

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stockard Channing

    Mira Barkley

  • Esai Morales

    Liam Butterfield

  • Tricia Helfer

    Morgana Kurlansky

  • Eamonn Walker

    Wilder Blanks

  • Brandon Jay McLaren

    Andres Lopez

  • show Description
  • Executive producer Ron Moore, who brought back Battlestar Galactica, produced this unaired pilot about a world in which magic serves the same way that science does in our world. A group known as the Stoics are dedicated to destroying magic and letting science serve in its place, and four detectives must stop their plans.

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    • Wilder: Oil, electricity, coal. The power that drives modern society. But what if science had never been invented? What if we relied on… magic? What if plants and fire powered our world? And what if the police solved crimes in ways that we can't imagine? This is 17th Precinct.

    • Longstreet: You got plans for the Equinox?
      Bosson: Depends. Is Susan cooking?
      Longstreet: Yes.
      Bosson: Then I've got plans.

    • Mira: I need a desk.
      Butterfield: You need a punch in the mouth.
      Mira: Oh. Well, it's good to see you... Lisa.
      Butterfield: It's Liam now. Actually, Detective Inspector Butterfield to you.
      Mira: You look younger. Makes you look more feminine. You should think about growing a beard. Remind you of who you are now.
      Butterfield: Trust me, I have everything I need to remind me.
      Mira: Oh, well, I'm just going to file that under things that really want to make me ill.
      Butterfield: We're off to a bad start and that's good, because ruining your day is going to give me a great day of pleasure.

    • Mira: You're the hot new prospect. I was thinking DCI Blanks wanted me to feel unprofessional if I didn't teach you to wipe your ass in the rain. But he'll come to his senses eventually and I'm thinking you'll have a new partner by the end of the week. Questions?
      Jimmy: That "wipe your ass in the rain" thing. Is that with an umbrella?

    • Judge Ball: I really thought they could start over. I thought he could let go of the... bitterness and rage.
      Wilder: There is no spell to change the human heart.

    • Jimmy: You know, becoming a cop was like, a whim. Like a random idea I had one day.
      Mira: Trust me, you're going to start looking at your life very differently from now on. Going to be a lot of things that you think are random. There's luck, there's chance. Nothing is random with you. You're going to be a hell of a cop some day. If you listen to me.

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    Notes (1)

    • 17th Precinct was produced in the winter and spring of 2011 and was considered for series during the May upfronts later that season. Howver, NBC had to choose between 17th Precinct and Grimm, which also featured magic, and ended up choosing Grimm.

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