19 Kids and Counting

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TLC (Returning Spring 2015)
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  • S 15 : Ep 20

    Guide to Love

    Aired 5/19/15

  • S 15 : Ep 20

    Digging In With the Duggars

    Aired 5/19/15

  • S 15 : Ep 19

    Anna's Having a...

    Aired 5/12/15

  • S 15 : Ep 17

    Jill's Special Delivery

    Aired 5/5/15

  • S 15 : Ep 16

    Nesting and Room Re-Do

    Aired 4/28/15

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  • Childhood sweethearts Jim Bob and Michelle see children as gifts, and after over 20 years of marriage, they have received 19 gifts of ten boys and nine girls. This means that Michelle has been pregnant for nearly half her life. TLC brings this Arkansas family phenomenon into your home with this documentary series.

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    • Camera Man: What do you do when there's a woman in public who is immodestly dressed? Jana: If we're walking past a girl that is immodestly dressed, we'll call out "Nike!" and all the boys will immediately put their heads down and just walk past quickly, like that. And then we'll say, "All done", you know? It's our code word.

    • Camera Man: Grandma [Duggar], what is Joy doing right now? Why is her hand on the TV? Grandma Duggar: Oh, she's covering up the immodest dress. She's been trained to do that for the boys. Joy: Because they have low cuts. Camera Man: Why did you cover up the television with your hand for the boys? Joy: Because it was defrauding. Camera Man: What does that mean? Joy: It means, like, they're not dressed very good. I mean, like, it's like, I don't know how to explain it, though. Michelle: Um, in our home, you know, modesty was an important issue, and we really try to encourage them to be modest, to stay covered, and when you use the restroom, you always go in, shut the door, and lock the door, so nobody walks in on you. Jana: Our little ones sometimes, like, take it to the extreme, like, where if a girl's sleeveless, [they hurry and cover the TV.] Camera Man: And why can't the boys see that? Joy: Um...(long pause) Cuz it's bad. Michelle: Especially for the older boys, as they are growing into manhood, they need to learn self-control, and I think our eyes--especially for men--their eyes are the door to their heart. And if they can't control their eyes, they're gonna struggle with other things.

    • John David: Now, why did the French come up with vanilla? They have vanilla. Then they have French vanilla. Jana: No, they haven't. I just read about it. John David: The French always get the praise for everything!

    • Producer: So how often do birthdays happen in the Duggar house? Michelle: Birthdays are happening every month, sometimes two and three and four times in a month. It depends on the month. So we just party, party, party all the time. It's always birthdays in our house.

    • Michelle: I think Joy will turn out to be a very sensitive woman when she grows into womanhood, but I think she'll probably be somebody that will speak her mind and just tell it like it is, and I appreciate that about people that are just willing to be honest and upfront.

    • Jim Bob: The best thing about this, guys, this is all fat-free diet cake. Josh: Just don't think about it, and you're fine. It's just, it's See-Food diet. Jill: Yeah. Josh: You see it, and you eat it.

    • Jim Bob: (holding Jordyn-Grace in one arm and Mackynzie Renee in the other) You can call me Daddy, and you can call me Grandpa. And Grandma's pregnant!

    • Producer: What of yourself do you see in [your daughter] Joy? Michelle: I see the "spunky tomboy" season of life. That was me. I climbed trees. I rode my bike, I caught frogs, and I fought the boys in my neighborhood, just to let them know that I could have a fort, and I could be the one in charge if I wanted to be! (laughs) I think Joy is mature. I think she's still a little girl inside a lot of times, but then I see this little woman kind of coming out at moments, you know? And uh, and so I think yeah, she probably has been influenced a lot by her older sisters, and, uh, and so there's some of that that comes through, but then she's still a little girl inside.

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    • During the ice storm, approximately 600,000 homes were without power.

    • Damage caused by the ice storm is estimated at $77 million.

    • This episode marks the change in title, the show is now called 19 Kids and Counting.

    Trivia (115)

    • Duggar Fact: If each Duggar kid has as many babies as their parents, Jim Bob and Michlle will have 324 grandchildren.

    • Duggar Fact: Between Michelle and Kelly, they have been pregnant for a quarter century.

    • Duggar Fact: The Bates and Duggars both oppose pre-marital kissing.

    • Duggar Fact: Standing on each other's shoulders, the Bates and Duggars would be 18 stories high.

    • Duggar Fact: The family saves about $1800 a year by cutting each other's hair. The older girls all have perms, and instead of paying $200 to get it done at a salon, they spend about $11 on products to do it at home.

    • Duggar Fact: The family does 180 loads of laundry per month. For most people, that would cost approximately $60 a month, but the Duggars only pay $1.50 in that same amount of time, because they have their own homemade recipe for laundry soap. The recipe makes 10 gallons, which is enough for this family of 20 to use for two months!

    • Duggar Fact: The Duggars are completely debt free. They have no mortgages, no car payments and no credit cards.

    • Duggar Fact: The Duggars save $1,800.00 a year doing their own haircuts.

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