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    1st & Ten

    By Rachellewms, Sep 16, 2012

    1st & Ten was a neat 80s TV series about a woman who tries to survive in a male dominated world. Diane Barrow (Delta Burke) is the owner of the California Bulls, a football team she has inherited from her ex-husband when she catches him in a compromising situation with one of his football stars. The show chronicles her comedic and dramatic struggles as the female owner of the team.

    This was Delta Burke's first starring role and the show itself was one of cable TVs first attempts at pulling audiences away from the big 3 networks. 1st & Ten will not break any records in the drama or comedy genre, but it was a memorable show because it was bolder than anything on the 1984 lineup of network television shows.

    Check out the following link if you would like to see the pilot episode of 1st & Ten:


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