1st & Ten

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  • (Diane walks in on her husband with another man.) Diane: (Gasps) Paul: Um... Diane... Uh... Uh... Thi... this is uh... Ty Tayler. He's a tight end. Diane: I just bet he is!

  • (Quarterback talking to his blockers.) Kyle: When I am out there trying to throw, I don't give squat what you black dudes gotta do! You keep those apes off of my face! Bubba: Wait a minute, White bread, where do you get off calling us black dudes and them apes? Kyle: Because, you apes are on my team!

  • (At the cheerleader try-outs.) Rona: Next. Debbie Hi, I'm Debbie Dawson! Rona: Hi. Debbie: I live in the marina and I'm a total football freak! Did I say that? Anyhow, I'm into Nautilus and I just started break dancing! My main ambition in life is to be a Bullette! So like, is that it or what? Rona: We'll be in touch. Diane: Are they all like that?

  • (Talking to the Press.) Diane: I would also like to add to our fans at home that we will not be four and twelve this season, because I intend to win!

  • (Talking about one of the star players.) Diane: Carl Withdrspoon in a commercial? What would he do? Roger: Probably steal someone's American Express card. (nudges her and laughs.)

  • Player: Hey, coach! DeNardo: How's your arm? Player: I'm the kicker. DeNardo That was my next question. Who the hell are you?

  • Rona: Where the hell is the vodka? Diane: Rona?! It's seven A.M., how could you even say the word vodka? Let alone drink it. Rona: Like everything else in football, honey, it comes with training.

  • Diane: Roger, I really don't need a briefing on this interview. Roger: Diane, I've known Bill Buffet for years, back when he was nothing but a second rate ball player. Now he's a second rate host of a second rate T.V. show. Believe me, I know how second rate people think. Rona: You should.

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Notes (6)

  • The second season was entitled "1st and Ten: Training Camp: The Bulls are Back."

  • The third season was entitled "1st and Ten: The Championship."

  • The fourth season was entitled "1st and Ten: Going for Broke."

  • The fifth season was entitled "1st and Ten: The Bulls Mean Business."

  • The sixth season was entitled "1st and Ten: Do It Again."

  • The seventh season was entitled "1st and Ten: In Your Face!"