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    2 brooke girls fans

    By YassineMahboubi, Nov 22, 2014

    Hello , my name is Yassine and i'am a big fan of the comedy tv sries 2 broke girls , i saw a lot of groups with just few members in them , and i want this group to have the biggest base of fans in facebook .

    Anything not 2BG related will be deleted , and the member who post it will be warned .

    2nd warning = bann.....

    i'm making a youtube channel where i will upload all 2 broke girls episodes .

    So send me your requests , tell your friends , i'm accepting everybody.

    Link : 1554929308077400/


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    Should Be Renamed, "Two Stinky Girls"

    By MorkfromPork, Nov 17, 2014

    I quit watching when Kim Kartrashian appeared. The vulgar one liners are sooo old. Same crap, different day.

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    Got Old Fast

    By waisal14, Nov 02, 2014

    The show started off with a good appeal but I stopped watching it after season 2 with the inappropriate jokes getting worse. Max's bad attitude slowly started to change Caroline. She doesn't seem as the ambitious rich girl she used to be. They can't be poor forever and both characters have a lot of growing up to do. Their attitudes toward life make them poor. If they want to change their circumstances, they have to humble themselves and change their attitude.moreless

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    By TaniaFitzenho, Oct 29, 2014

    BIG mistake having idiot Kardashians on made me not want to watch to all the people bagging the one is forcing you to watch it..

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    By dolorescoss, Oct 28, 2014

    Mistake having Kim Kardashian on the Premiere episode You want to keep your viewers not scare them away.

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    keep 2 broke girls

    By susanreynolds35380, Oct 13, 2014

    I think 2 broke girls is one of the best shows. For me its on my favorites list along with ncis the walking dead. Please keep it.

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    Broken Jokes

    By spottedfever, Sep 14, 2014

    Terrible one liners from 2 crummy actresses. How this show made it through the first season is a mystery to me. I tried to watch it that first year and each episode was worse than the one before it. What a waste of time those 2 hours were.

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    Very funny!

    By Pnascimento, Sep 02, 2014

    Great show! Between Max with her jokes and Caroline trying to enjoy being poor (if that's even possible), this is one of the best comedies of the last few years.

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  • 9.5

    season 4

    By ettenojvidad, Sep 01, 2014

    will there be a season 4 ?? i miss them

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    By theKingInTheNorth, Aug 30, 2014

    For crying out loud, why??

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