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  • Tune in to see this week's number one in a list of the top twenty moments in music, television, politics, and popular culture. Australia's top entertainer Bert Newton hosts. In 2007, the show was nominated for a Logie Award for "Most Popular Light Entertainment Program".

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  • S 6 : Ep 6

    Girls On Film

    Aired 6/3/08

  • S 6 : Ep 5

    Child Stars. Where Are They Now?

    Aired 5/27/08

  • S 6 : Ep 4

    Crazy Customs

    Aired 5/20/08

  • S 6 : Ep 3

    Music With A Message

    Aired 5/13/08

  • S 6 : Ep 2

    Pranks And Pranksters

    Aired 5/6/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Charles "Bud" Tingwell

    Host: Season 1

  • Bert Newton

    Host: Season 2 - present

  • David Reyne

    Narrator: Season 1

  • Donny Osmond

    Regular Interviewee

  • John Jarratt

    Regular Interviewee

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    • Interviewee: [11. Tupperware Party] Talk about a poor excuse for getting together and having a drink.

    • Interviewee: [17. The People Squeeze - cramming people into cars] Of course we'll all be doing that in a few years with rising petrol prices.

    • Bert: The aeroplane. A great invention. It takes us from A to B, with a six-hour stop-over in Z.

    Notes (20)

    • This is Charles "Bud" Tingwell's final appearance on the show as host, with Bert Newton taking over for the following seasons. "Bud" Tingwell, however, does reappear on a weekly basis from the fourth season as one of the celebrities interviewed for the show.

    • With the replacement of host for the second season, the format of the show also changed, through the removal of the narrator (David Reyne in season one). Instead, Bert Newton took over as both host and narrator.

    • This is Bert Newton's first appearance as host, having replaced Charles "Bud" Tingwell. Newton was given the role as part of the deal made by Channel 9 when they resigned him after he left Channel 10.

    • This episode was replayed on the 7th of March 2007, and a couple of items on the list were switched around.

    • 20 To 1: Great Aussie Films The List 20. Muriel's Wedding (1994) 19. Wolf Creek (2005) 18. Babe (1995) 17. Chopper (2000) 16. Romper Stomper (1992) 15. Storm Boy (1976) 14. Strictly Ballroom (1992) 13. Young Einstein (1988) 12. Shine (1996) 11. Puberty Blues (1981) 10. Sunday Too Far Away (1975) 9. The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994) 8. My Brilliant Career (1979) 7. The Man From Snowy River (1982) 6. Breaker Morant (1979) 5. Mad Max (1979) 4. Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975) 3. The Castle (1997) 2. Crocodile Dundee (1986) 1. Gallipoli (1981)

    • 20 To 1: Crazes And Phases The List 20. Body Art (Tattoos and Piercings) 19. Man Power 18. The Socceroos 17. The People Squeeze 16. Dwarf Tossing 15. Bling 14. Slip And Slide 13. The Shoulder Pad 12. The G-String 11. Tupperware (Party) 10. Line Dancing 9. Domino Tumbling 8. Speed Dating 7. Pole Dancing 6. Diets 5. Space Invaders 4. Cosmetic Surgery 3. Aerobics 2. Hippies 1. Kareoke

    • 50 To 1: Great Movie One-Liners The List 50. Houston, we have a problem (Apollo 13) 49. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good (Wall Street) 48. What we've got here is a failure to communicate (Cool Hand Luke) 47. Yeah, baby! (Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery) 46. Say hello to my little friend (Scarface) 45. We're on a mission from God (The Blues Brothers) 44. You're gonna need a bigger boat (Jaws) 43. Who you gonna call? (Ghostbusters) 42. Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night (The Truman Show) 41. Nobody puts Baby in the corner (Dirty Dancing) 40. Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? (Batman) 39. At my signal, unleash Hell (Gladiator) 38. You don't understand, I could've been somebody, I could have been a contender (On The Waterfront) 37. I'm the king of the world (Titanic) 36. Carpe diem! Seize the day, boys (Dead Poet's Society) 35. Smokin'! (The Mask) 34. Bring out the gimp (Pulp Fiction) 33. Please sir, I want some more (Oliver Twist) 32. Yo Adrian! (Rocky) 31. Ee...ee...ee [Stabbing scene] (Psycho) 30. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti (The Silence Of The Lambs) 29. Good morning Vietnam! (Good Morning Vietnam) 28. Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me? (Sextette) 27. They're heeere! (Poltergiest) 26. I feel the need...the need for speed (Top Gun) 25. You're terrible, Muriel (Muriel's Wedding) 24. I am not an animal! I am a human being! (The Elephant Man) 23. The first rule of fight club is - never talk about fight club (Fight Club) 22. I'll be back (The Terminator) 21. Wax on, wax off (The Karate Kid) 20. Tell him he's dreamin' (The Castle) 19. E.T phone home (E.T) 18. That's not a knife...that's a knife (Crocodile Dundee) 17. Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore (The Wizard Of Oz) 16. I see dead people (The Sixth Sense) 15. Life is like a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump) 14. You talkin' to me? (Taxi Driver) 13. May the Force be with you (Star Wars) 12. They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom! (Braveheart) 11. Here's Johnny! (The Shining) 10. Bond, James Bond (James Bond series, commencing with Dr. No) 9. Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you? (Dirty Harry) 8. Go ahead, make my day (Sudden Impact) 7. Show me the money! (Jerry Macguire) 6. Casablanca - "Play it once Sam, for all time's sake", "Here's looking at you kid", "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she had to come into mine", "What about us? - "We'll always have Paris" 5. I'll have what she's having (When Harry Met Sally) 4. You can't handle the truth (A Few Good Men) 3. I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse (The Godfather) 2. I love the smell of napalm in the morning (Apocalypse Now) 1. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn (Gone With The Wind)

    • 20 To 1: Aussie Parties And Past Times The List 20. The Bachelor And Spinster Ball 19. The Royal Easter Show 18. Cracker Night 17. The Big Day Out 16. Australia Day 15. The Desperate And Dateless Ball 14. The Bird Man Rally 13. Schoolies Week 12. Buck's Night 11. Hen's Night 10. Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race 9. Carols By Candlelight 8. Beer Can Regatta 7. Sydney's City To Surf 6. Tossing (Tuna, Thong, Root, etc.) 5. Gay And Lesbian Mardi-Gras 4. Bathurst 1000 3. The Melbourne Cup 2. New Year's Eve 1. ANZAC Day

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    Trivia (21)

    • 3. The Castle - The movie was filmed in only eleven days.

    • 5. Mad Max - It was dubbed over for the US release as the Americans were deemed as being unable to comprehend the 'Australian' language.

    • 7. The Man From Snowy River - The film had an unprecidented cinema run, screening in cinemas for over twelve months.

    • 8. My Brilliant Career - The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Costume Design.

    • 12. Shine - It was this movie that saw lead actor Geoffrey Rush being recognised by Hollywood.

    • 17. Chopper - Real-life mass murderer Mark "Chopper" Read has stated if he and Chopper lead actor Eric Bana were in a look-a-like competition, he would lose it.

    • 18. Babe - Forty-eight different pigs were used to portray the character of Babe.

    • 19. Wolf Creek - Director Quentin Tarantino has labelled this film as the scariest movie he has ever seen.

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