21 Jump Street

FOX (ended 1991)
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  • 21 Jump Street is about a group of under-age looking cops who go undercover at high schools to catch young criminals before they become older, more dangerous criminals. In later seasons, the team went less and less undercover on high schools, and the plots focused more on the cops' personal lives. THEME SONG: The theme song was written by Liam Sternberg and sung by Holly Robinson - with backup vocals by Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise. The lyrics were: We never thought we'd find a place where we belong. Don't have to stand alone, we'll never let you fall. Don't need permission to decide what you believe. I said jump, down on Jump Street. I said jump, down on Jump Street. Your friends will be there when your back is to the wall. You'll find you'll need us cause there's no one else to call. When it was hopeless a decision is what you need. You'd better be ready to, be ready to jump. 21 Jump Street. FILMING LOCATION: The series was filmed on location throughout Vancouver, BC, Canada.moreless

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  • S 5 : Ep 22

    Second Chances

    Aired 4/27/91

  • S 5 : Ep 21


    Aired 4/20/91

  • S 5 : Ep 20

    Bad Day at Blackburn (aka Bad Day at Eagle Rock)

    Aired 4/29/91

  • S 5 : Ep 19


    Aired 4/6/91

  • S 5 : Ep 18


    Aired 3/30/91

  • Cast & Crew
  • Johnny Depp

    Officer Thomas "Tom" Hanson (season 1-4)

  • Steven Williams

    Captain Adam Fuller

  • Peter DeLuise

    Officer Douglas 'Doug' Penhall

  • Frederic Forrest

    Captain Richard Jenko (season 1)

  • Michael DeLuise

    Joey Penhall (season 5)

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    • Noreen Weckerly (to Hanson): Hey, are you old enough to be a cop? You look just like that kid from Pretty in Pink. Charlie: Yeah, but we don't let him wear pink anymore. Attracts attention.

    • After a very physical bust, the suspect comments on the tussle with Hanson. Suspect: Keep him away from me. I feel like a child molester.

    • Ioki: H.T. Ioki. Penhall: H for Harry, T for Truman. Guess what year his parents moved to the States? Ioki: Yeah, and I'm named for a guy who dropped an atom bomb on my house.

    • Hanson: This is Jump Street Chapel, right? Penhall: Only if you're Catholic. Ioki, here, thinks it's a Buddhist temple. Me? I think it's a synagogue. You know, my mom's Jewish, which only means I get to celebrate both guilt and Hell. Ioki: Yeah, you see, his father used to be a priest, so don't play bingo with this guy. He's a killer.

    • Hanson (setting up his sax): Well, I figure maybe I can sit in with you guys for a set. Jenko: You? You're going to sit in with us? You? Hanson: Yeah, if you can keep up. Jenko: Say what?! Hey, don't strain yourself bro.

    • Hanson (about Hoffs): Hey Jenk, you know I'm starting to like that lady. What's her deal? Jenko: Hey, don't sweat it man. You'd never make the wait. Hanson: Don't bet on it.

    • Charlie (after a car chase): Okay buster, get your hands were I can see them and freeze! Ioki: Wait a minute, don't shoot! I'm a cop! Charlie: Says who? Hanson: Says me. Charlie: Hanson. I should have known. I didn't recognize you without the bandage on your partner's nose.

    • Doug (incredulous): They're running?! Tom (resigned): They're running.

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    Notes (71)

    • This was the first American television series to be filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. ¬†Stephen J. Cannell is considered the pioneer of filming series in Canada, taking advantage of the favorable currency exchange rate to help lower production costs.

    • Actor Barney Martin (Hanson's partner before reassignment to Jump Street) later plays a prominent role (as a different character) in the season 2 episode In the Custody of a Clown as the man who kidnaps his grandson.

    • Holly Robinson does not appear in this episode.

    • This was Frederic Forrest's final episode. Steven Williams would join the cast in the next episode as Captain Adam Fuller.

    • This is the first appearance of Steven Williams as "Captain Adam Fuller".

    • The episode's title is shown prior to the opening theme, and is the only time this has occured.

    • Hamilton High School was the high school used in this episode, and it's also featured in the season finale "Mean Streets and Pastel Houses".

    • This was the first episode that Hanson and Penhall went undercover as the McQuaid Brothers. After this episode, the McQuaid Brothers would continue to be used in occasional future episodes.

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    Trivia (123)

    • The show format of the 1978-1979 TV show David Casidy: Man Under Cover was used in the TV series 21 Jump Street.

    • TRIVIA: Johnny Depp did not want to work on a television series but agreed to a six-year contract only because he did not believe the show would last more than one season. He also found it difficult to turn down the money and the chance to work with Frederic Forrest. The show became a huge success mostly due to Depp's presence. By the third season, Depp was chafing at having to stay with the show instead of accepting various film offers. He began to complain about the scripts and often gave listless performances. With the help of his lawyers, Depp was released from his contract and left the show after the 4th season.

    • TRIVIA: Holly Robinson was the only original cast member to remain with the show throughout it's network and syndication run.

    • TRIVIA: The show was based on a real life undercover unit in Los Angeles, CA.

    • TRIVIA: Johnny Depp had always been Patrick Hasburgh's first choice to play Tom Hanson but Depp turned the role down. Jeff Yagher was then cast as Hanson and filming for the pilot began but Fox was unhappy with his performance and halted production after three weeks. Fox wanted Josh Brolin for the role but Hasburgh wanted to offer the role to Depp again. This time Depp accepted the role and Yagher's scenes were re-shot.

    • TRIVIA: Hanson's partner on patrol, Charlie Donagon, calls Hanson by a wide variety of nicknames including: Kid, Kiddo, Chief, Doctor, Pancho, John Henry, & Colonel.

    • When we first meet Officer Tom Hanson, he is exiting the men's room at a diner. His middle-aged male partner, the colorful Charlie Donagon, exits the ladies room at the same time.

    • FX aired the pilot in two separate parts. During the end credits of Part One, Captain Jenko's garage band Bunko Dudes is playing "Shotgun" with Hanson playing the saxophone. In the waning moments of Part Two, Bunko Dudes are shown playing "Truckin" by the Grateful Dead. Hanson shows up at Jenko's garage and asks if he can play with them. Hanson requests that they play "Shotgun" and then the same end credits from Part One are rolled again.

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    Allusions (17)

    • When the police captain comments to Hanson - "the prima donas down at Vice...all they want to do is wear pink sportscoats and drive Ferraris.", it's an allusion to the 1980's series "Miami Vice".

    • Title: My Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
      This is a reference to the Timbuk 3 song, The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.

    • Title: After School Special
      This is a reference to the popular ABC series of one-off, teen-oriented melodramas aired during the 70s, 80s, and early-90s and the "Saturday Night Special"-type of cheap, low-quality guns purchased by the students for after school altercations.

    • Hanson: Well, maybe the rainbow wasn't enough.
      This is a reference to the 1975 play "for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf" by Ntozake Shange; used when the squad was trying to figure out why a promising, black, female student would throw herself in front of a car. The play is a series of monologues about identity, race and sexuality.

    • Title: Don't Stretch the Rainbow
      This is a reference to a rainbow being a popular symbol of racial unity.

    • n/a: n/a
      The title of this episode is a reference to the book(and later movie)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Jonny Depp(Tom Hanson), later starred in the movie.

    • Title: Raising Marijuana
      This is a reference to the film "Raising Arizona". This is also the first time an episode title was animated and not the standard yellow. It was made to look like the movie title card.

    • The fraternity went under the name Delta Rho Chi. This name was similar to the fraternity in the movie Animal House, which was Delta Tau Chi.

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  • The young police officers of the 21 Jump Street chapel, Tom Hanson, Ioki, Hoffs, Penhall, and other significant characters who come on later in the show, go undercover to schools, and gangs to bust drug dealers, rapists, and other wrong doers.

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