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Quotes (4)

  • Fuller: You know Stryker does have the right to his opinion, Dennis. Just because someone doesn't agree with that opinion, doesn't give them the right to firebomb his car. Hoffs: Or drive a stake through his heart. (The officers stand up and begin exiting Fuller's office) Ioki: Or rip his lungs out. Penhall: Or nuke his family. Booker: Or kill his dog.

  • Fuller (to Booker): I'm sending you in to fill his slot. Penhall: Good choice. Booker: Who knows, maybe a back up career.

  • Ioki (about Stryker to Fuller): Have any suspects? I mean besides everyone in the city with a radio...

  • Fuller (after letting his officers listen to a recording of Stryker's radio show): Opinions? Hoffs: Well he's disgusting, enterataining...but totally disgusting.

Trivia (1)

  • TRIVIA: In the DVD set, this episode is listed as the last episode of the season.