Say It Ain't So, Pete

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Quotes (2)

  • Hanson: What are you going to do? Beat the money out of me with a flashlight? Doug: Mr. Dura-ready. Bouncer: You're the big man with the big bets, just pay off. Hanson: Well, if you think I'm going to give two grand to some chick, you're out of your mind. Doug: He ain't got no fear of women! Bouncer: Who does? Hanson: Why don't you get Lori out here to kick my ass? Bouncer: Because I do it for her. Hanson: Sound good to you? Doug: Sounds good to me. Hanson: You're under arrest. And don't even think about it because I have a gun. Bouncer: You believe this crap? Doug: Actually I do because, well, I'm a cop too. Bouncer: You got a gun? Doug: No. Bouncer punches him in the stomach.

  • Doug: Is this a real I.D.? Hanson: Yes, it's a real I.D. Doug: When's your birthday? Hanson: April fo- Doug: Don't think about it! Hanson: April 4th, 1968. Doug: What's your sign? Hanson: Why, do you want to buy me a drink? Bouncer: Keep the door moving! Doug: Have a nice time, cutie. (turning to the next guy in line) You're like 30, get in there.