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  • S 17 : Ep 9

    December 1, 2009

    Aired 12/1/09

  • S 17 : Ep 8

    November 24, 2009

    Aired 11/24/09

  • S 17 : Ep 7

    November 17, 2009

    Aired 11/17/09

  • S 17 : Ep 6

    November 3, 2009

    Aired 11/3/09

  • S 17 : Ep 5

    October 27, 2009

    Aired 10/27/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gavin Crawford

    News Anchor Gavin Cooper, Uwe Mayer, Stuart McLean, Gallum Smeagal, Various Others (Seasons 11+)

  • Shaun Majumder

    News Anchor Tucker T. Bartlett, Raj Bhinder, Bob MacDougall, 'No Pun Intended', Various Others (Seasons 11+)

  • Cathy Jones

    News Anchor Sydney Debizzinchik, Babe Bennett, Joe Crow, Heather Colter, Mrs. Enid, Dr. Susan Enright, Various Others

  • Mark Critch

    News Anchor Bas MacLaren, various others (Seasons 11+, recurring previously)

  • Rick Mercer

    News Anchor J.B. Dickson, Billy Smithopolis, Stewart Steed, Various Others (Season 1-8)

  • show Description
  • Now in its fourteenth season, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is one of Canada's most popular comedies. The show's combination of sketch comedy and news parody has earned it nineteen Gemini Awards (the Canadian equivalent of an Emmy), including five for Best Comedy Series.22 minutes is a satirical news program akin to Jon Stewart's Daily Show. In the words of the show star Mark Critch: "It's kinda like the news, only drunk."Popular segments include: Sports Beat with host Chip McAllister and his new Hindi co-host Raj Bhinder; Frontier in Science, which pokes fun at science and technology magazine programs; commercial parodies; crashing of major events; and the ever popular ambushing of politicians and other public figures.The show's fourteenth season began on Tuesday October 3, 2006.Broadcast History: Season 1 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 2 -- Unknown CBC Season 3-8 -- Monday 8:00pm CBC Season 8 -- Thursday 8:00pm CBC (Eps 11 and 12 only) Season 9 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 10 -- Tuesday 8:00pm CBC Season 11-13 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 14-present -- Tuesday 8:30pm CBCmoreless

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  • Quotes (47)

    • Warning! Referendums will be held every week for the next 200 years, until somebody gets their way.
      J.B. Dickson: "The Russian people said they know their beloved leader was out of the woods when his condition was upgraded from critical to just plain drunk."
      Jerry Boyle: "And there are many ways to ensure an eventual, final separation. For example, attend your nephew's christening wearing only pants, and then try to take them off over your head."
      Frank MacMillan: "A lawyer close to Simpson says he is apparently looking for someone with their feet on the ground, a sense of humour, and a head on her shoulders that won't come off, no matter how many times it is repeatedly stabbed."
      Quinlan Quint: "Montreal is a beautiful province, J.B."

    • Warning! The RCMP do not make house calls.
      Molly Maguire: "A spokesperson for the Parti Quebecois says that on the advice of their referendum mentor, Saddam Hussein, the next question will be more straightforward, and there will be 50 percent less choice."
      2010 Weatherman: "In closing, all hail our new king and overlord, Mike Harris. God save the king, and of course, his man-wife, the queen, Ralph Klein."
      Steve Steel: "What can $7.50 buy you?" Stewart Steed: "A helluva good lapdance in Montreal!"

    • Warning! To the Canadian Military - when posing with body parts, a centerpiece doesn't hurt.
      Stewart Steed: "Prince Edward Island gets a new premier...Premier Keith Milligan." Steve Steel: "And that would make it..." Stewart Steed: "Milligan's Island!"
      Sydney Debizzinchik: "Rocket, a century-old tortoise at the Assiniboine Zoo in Winnipeg, is being put into service as a stud. To put Rocket's age into perspective, that means that he was already more than 70 years old when Pierre Trudeau first became prime minister of Canada. When this fact was pointed out, a zoo official responded, 'Well, he may be wrinkly, old, and ugly, but when it comes to putting a bun in the oven, he's proven he's still got what it takes. And that tortoise is no slouch either!'"

    • Warning! Interest rates are lower than they've been since the fifties. Sadly, so is the standard of living.
      J.B. Dickson: "Many Canadians have become confused by 'Fresh Start,' wondering why the Reform Party priority has moved from deficit reduction to feminine protection."
      Frank MacMillan: "A spokesperson for the airport said the pontiff appeared disoriented, confused, tired, and unfocused, and added, 'He really should be working for Air Canada.'"
      Dwight Davies: "You obviously are starting to lack the Hooters spirit." Cheryl: "Spirit? The day you saw me coming across your parking lot you didn't holler out, 'Whoa man, check out the spirit on that,' did ya?"

    • Warning! The blended sales tax is like hiding manure under dung.
      Sydney Debizzinchik: "Dr. Dillinger, where is Dr. Williams?" Dr. Dillinger: "Oh, him...I don't know...he was here a minute ago." Sydney: "Is he outside?" Dr. Dillinger: "Yeah." Sydney: "Okay, I see." Dr. Dillinger: "Can I ask you a question?" Sydney: "Yes?" Dr. Dillinger: "If I told you that I ate him, all of him, would you find that odd?" Sydney: "Yes." Dr. Dillinger: "Oh yeah, yeah, he must be out for a walk."
      Dakey Dunn: "I am going nowhere fast. Unlike our Lord though, I'm not speaking in parables or metaphors here, I'm really going nowhere. Now, watch me now, now I'm going nowhere slow. Look at this, now I'm going nowhere up an imaginary incline, but it all comes back to the inescapable fact that I am going nowhere."
      J.B. Dickson: "A headline in the Toronto Star last week announced that Liberal members of Parliament have flunked NDP leader Alexa McDonough's exam. The exam consisted of one question: 'Who is the leader of the NDP?'"
      Sydney Debizzinchik: "It's 11 o'clock and your kids are on the internet. Do you know where they are?"

    • Mrs. Enid: "I've been happy for a long time. My husband never sent me flowers, but he worked like a horse, he was steady like a horse, and - I don't know, something else I was going to tell you about a horse."
      J.B. Dickson: "A study in the New England Journal of Medicine has determined that male pattern baldness is caused by high levels of the female hormone estrogen in men. The discovery now means that women who find bald men sexy are lesbians."

    • J.B. Dickson: "The ozone hole over the Antartic may soon set the record as being the world's biggest. This is the first year that the world's biggest hole will not be a head of state."
      J.B. Dickson: "Ontario premier Mike Harris has put forth a plan that will collapse the cities of Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, East York, and Scarborough into one big metropolis called 'The City of Toronto.' The upside is the plan is expected to save the province up to nine million dollars. On the downside, there will now be more Toronto."
      Sydney Debizzinchik: "Britain's first all-gay rugby team received official recognition in London last week. The King's Cross Steelers have been accepted as full members of the Surrey Rugby Football Union. The players say they are no different from any of the heterosexual rugby players in the union, except when they say 'bite me,' they really mean it."

    • Warning! All Saskatchewan Tories: It's time to renew your subscription to Prison Life Magazine.
      Sydney Debizzinchik: "American men are no longer the biggest in the world, say researchers at the Ohio State University. Studies found that the Norwegian and Dutch men surpass them by an average of three centimetres. American men would like to make it very clear that they are talking about height."
      Dakey Dunn: "Oh yeah, I love breasts, and like any man, I would kill for a set of my own."
      Frank MacMillan: "Is touching tolerated in your workplace?" Sandra Baker: "Oh sure, we have a family atmosphere here." Brant Robinson: "Yeah, only I don't get felt up when I'm with my family."

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    Notes (61)

    • Cathy Jones does not appear in this episode, except for the Quinlan Quints segment.

    • Cathy Jones does not appear in this episode.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode, except for Marg Delahunty's Parliamentary Pajama Party.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode, except for the Dakey Dunn segment.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode, except for the Dakey Dunn and Connie Bloor segments.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode, except for the Marg Delahunty and Sphinxler Sisters segements.

    • Mary Walsh does not appear in this episode, except for the Marg Delahunty and Connie Bloor segments.

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    Trivia (4)

    • Prime Minister Paul Martin is replaced by Prime MInister Designate Stephen Harper in the opening credits.

    • Skits included: Opening mocking the Hockey Theme Avery Adams - Stephen Harper Interview Maple Tree Meats Holy shi-tillion Harper Baby ATM Harper PSA Conservative Attack Ad 1 Environment Debate Avery Adams - Stéphane Dion Interview Minority Majority Danny Williams Alphabet NDP Voiceover Audition Conservative Attack Ad 2 Nathan - On Your Side Conservative Attack Ad 3 Harper on the Campaign Trail

    • Special Guests: Elizabeth May (leader of the Green Party) and Hubert T. Lacroix (CBC President and CEO).

    • Skits included: Harper in Crisis Stephané Dion plays Hockey Avery Adams - Jack Layton Inside Media Counter Spin - Heather Mallick Heritage Minute - iPhone with Conditions The Hour - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Harland Colt - Songs for Sarah Palin Avery Adams - Gilles Duceppe Art Break - Harper Arts Funding Dion in Translation

    Allusions (2)

    • Enid: You look like a million bucks. I suppose that's what you have in your pocket. This was spoken to Liberal party member Belinda Stronach and is an allusion to the fact that Belinda is rich, thanks to her dad, the owner of Magna International.

    • Fishy Price's my first ATV Although ATV is an accepted abbreviation for "All Terrain Vehicle", they use a set of baby blocks to write the letters for ATV. In this case, the letters are done as: A = Red T = Blue V = Green This is likely done, as the local CTV station is called ATV and CTV uses shapes and colours as: C = Red T = Blue V = Green

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  • Used to be funny.

    By runnynoz, Oct 19, 2008

  • Used to be Funny.

    By lare84, Nov 30, 2008

  • Going Downhill Fast.

    By cynthiabel, Mar 18, 2009

  • Lame

    By robertboylex, Oct 15, 2009

  • This Hour has 22 Minutes should be on the old Ma and eddie Reardon skit "That Show Sucked".

    By PatWard0, Nov 14, 2009

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