Fox Counts Down Premiere Dates for 24: Live Another Day, Gang Related, and Surviving Jack

By Jen Trolio

Jan 13, 2014

Better send your motorcade-attacking SWAT armor to the dry cleaners, because Fox has announced premiere dates for three of its upcoming series, and Jack Bauer will be back on your TV screen before you know it. The familiar countdown clock of 24 will start ticking again this spring, when 24: Live Another Day makes its debut on Monday, May 5 with a two-hour premiere. The limited-event series will run for 12 episodes—while still telling the story of a 24-hour day—and Kiefer Sutherland (duh), Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver, and William Devane will all be back to reprise their original roles. Live Another Day will pick up four years after the events of the Season 8 finale, with Jack still on the run and being hunted by the U.S. government. 

Also debuting this spring are new comedy Surviving Jack and new drama Gang Related.

Surviving Jack will premiere Thursday, March 27 at 8:30pm, after that evening's American Idol results show. The series stars former NYPD detective/vampire king Christopher Meloni as "a man becoming a dad as his son becomes a man" (good luck with those Stabler rage-outs, kiddo!) and is based on the book I Suck at Girls from $#*! My Dad Says Twitterer Justin Halpern. Scrubs' Bill Lawrence is executive-producing. 

Gang Related will also get a boost from the Idol singing machine, premiering Tuesday, May 20 at 9pm after the first half of Idol's two-night season finale. The action drama centers on the LAPD's elite Gang Task Force and stars Lost's Terry O'Quinn, the RZA, and Ramon Rodriguez as they purse the city's most dangerous thugs. 

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  • VonnyG Feb 04, 2014

    At least he will not be saying 'Jake...Jake...Jake...Jake...'

  • memizz Jan 14, 2014

    Wait… they brought back 24? Why???

  • annySauv Jan 14, 2014

    probably because other networks are pulling in ratings for their Summer shows
    CBS with Under the Dome, ABC with Rookie Blue so I guess Fox wanted in on the Summer Tv and 24 already has a built in audience with its previous seasons

  • 2Big2Bite Jan 14, 2014

    how will they solve this? will each episode be 2 hours or some other solution.

  • WayneStevens0 Jan 14, 2014

    It will be like they did with the 2 hour special.. they didn't rename that to 2 as it was only 2 hours in real time.. and this will be no different... the show is called 24 .. but the return will be 12 hours long (real time) instead of condensing 24 hours into 12.. the whole show is based around the real time factor.

  • Aesandil Jan 14, 2014

    So damn glad we will be seeing 24 again. Nearly 4 years ago it seemed like a definitive end, yet nothing can truly stop Jack Bauer!

  • meathead704 Jan 13, 2014

    I look forward to the return of 24. I am happy to hear Mary Lynn Rajskub will be back as well. Chloe is a great character. Hopefully it will live up to expectations.

  • scyfymum2 Jan 13, 2014

    I only watched season 1 & 2. Might check this out but does it matter if I haven't seen season 8? Cant be bothered watching it just to be up to date.

  • coop4ever59 Jan 13, 2014

    For crying out loud!! Why bring back this relic?!?!?! The original was great for the 1st season, ok in the 2nd, and then sucked ass the rest of the way!!! What, having The Following come back wasn't enough suckiness for FOX!!!

  • Ossie Jan 13, 2014

    I can't explain it, but I'm looking forward to the new 24. I don't know why, I miss it, even though IMO each season was worse than the last.... So yay! I think?

  • ben45tpy Jan 13, 2014

    More importantly Jen's back, hooray! Her articles are so rare these days.

    This new season of 24 sounds like a huge cheat; covering 24 hours with 12 episodes, that destroys the premise of the show. According to wikipedia the season will have 'time jumps' - not cool. 24 is just not cut out for shorter seasons.

  • Aquitar94 Jan 13, 2014

    My dad is going to jump for joy when I tell him 24 has a premiere date now lol

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