See Jack Bauer and Chloe Shoot, Stare, and Scream in the First Teasers for 24: Live Another Day (VIDEO)

By Jen Trolio

Feb 03, 2014

In keeping with the time-honored tradition wherein TV networks use the Super Bowl to promote their existing/upcoming programming, Fox laced its broadcast of today's Seattle/Denver blowout with the first new footage from 24: Live Another Day, its forthcoming 12-hour "event series" that will bring Jack Bauer back to television to shoot people and blow stuff up. Set in London and scheduled to premiere on Monday, May 5Live Another Day will pick up four years after the events of 24's Season 8 finale, with Jack still on the run and being hunted by a CIA agent named Kate (Yvonne Strahovski). And now we've got our first look at it, courtesy of four tiny teasers and a more substantial trailer. Here they are:

Teaser #1: "Glass"

What is that, a taillight? And what's starting to catch fire? Gasoline? Or, errr, petrol, given that this is London and all?

Teaser #2: "Flame"

Fire is spreading! Sirens are sounding! Panic is starting to ensue! 

Teaser #3: "Tower"

Explosion near the Gherkin! Ruh-roh. 

Teaser #4: "Pistol"

Five bucks says that's Jack Bauer arriving on the scene. And based on his aggressive gun-cocking, I'm assuming he's pretty pissed off. 

And finally, the whole shebang, "Street Chaos"

Is it just me, or is Chloe rocking a lot more black eyeliner than she used to? Must be part of her new status as an Edward Snowden type. Anyway, shooting! Staring! Screaming! A car with a Union Jack on it and a red telephone box to make sure you don't forget where they are! Looks about right, doesn't it? Regardless, for as ridiculous as anything having to do with 24 can be, I can't deny that I'm looking forward to 24: Live Another Day. How about you?

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  • stacyannwilliams1 Mar 01, 2014

    Bring more seasons out pleaseeeeeeeeeee, love me some Jack b

  • COD42 Feb 05, 2014

    I'm hoping for a 24/Person of Interest crossover in which Jack Bauer and John Reese are engaged in a fight to the death for the prize of TV's biggest badass, until it is revealed that Jack is actually Reese's father. The Finch/Chloe shipping will destroy the internet.

  • pashao Feb 04, 2014

    O stopped watching during season 6 (I think), let's hope the previously on... fills in all the gaps. It will be interesting to see how they revive the series.

  • MintberryCrunch Feb 04, 2014

    I loved 24 back in the day. Probably should have finished after season 6, season 8 was good but I found 7 to be the worst by far, mainly because of that irritating sidekick woman that I have forgotten the name of.

    Is this still 12 episodes? Seems moronic to not have 24.

    Also it's been so long that I am having trouble not seeing Chloe as Gale the Snail, Jack is in need of some salt by the look of things.

  • Air-man77 Feb 04, 2014

    Can't wait for this.. Jack is back !

  • Placebo_obecalP Feb 04, 2014

    I don't watch any kind of teaser/trailer/next time for a TV show as there's so little surprise left in television these days I detest any kind of spoilers (I even close my eyes during the NCIS segues), but I'm hugely looking forward to the new 24 so just in case the pathetic, antiquated, nonsensical Nielsen rating system has now been fully replaced by a proper social media analysis assessment system I just want to leave a positive comment in here :)

  • hilliebabee Feb 04, 2014

    Finally I can resurrect my 24 drinking game. Take a drink every time Jack says:

    "Copy that"
    "Don't fight it"
    "My name is Jack Bauer"
    "I'm a federal agent"
    "I am not going to let that happen"
    "I give you my word"
    "I don't want to kill ____ but I will if I have to"
    "Don't you move"
    "Do it now"
    "Ok, get back to me"

  • brendonis Feb 04, 2014

    Its as well you don't include ''damn it''. Would be a long night haha

  • hilliebabee Feb 04, 2014

    Damn it! Forgot that one!!!

  • absolute6991 Feb 04, 2014

    It is the final countdown,
    well 3 months

  • segarion Feb 04, 2014

    This was definitely a great spot on the superbowl. When I heard that familiar beeping sound, I got goosebumps.

  • Brady120 Feb 04, 2014

    That trailer was pure awesome! This has got me HYPED for the return of the greatest TV action star of the last decade... Welcome back, Jack Bauer. :)

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