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    Newclear, not newkewlar

    By BevinChu, Jun 23, 2012

    It's too late now, but somebody should have told Kiefer Sutherland the word is "nuclear," not "newkewlar."

    It's not that hard. New as in not old. Clear as in not overcast. New Clear. Nuclear.

    Sutherland is a talented actor who can play heroes or villains with equal conviction. But he really missed the boat on that one.

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  • 7.5


    By DileepChakrav, May 07, 2012

    I was disappointed to see that Jack literally killed yet another man in his attempt to save people

    This time perhaps he could have avoided doing this. My question, would he have done the same thing had Kim been there instead of Paul. I do not think so. Besides that, the episode is good to watch. Chinese consulate plot is very key and it is going to take new turns from here. Palmer is as good as he ever is

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  • 9.0

    The Final Scene make this episode Superb.

    By Dante_Edy, Jun 22, 2009

    Since 24 it is about terrorism, morality always come with the package.

    One of the things i like to see is that being a hero, is not easy, and 24 show you that. Be a hero sometimes, make you the bad guy in the eyes of another person.

    Jack is a character that do whathever it takes to save millions. This time, he cross the line 2 times. One will only have repercussions later. Other happens in this episode and is for sure, one of the best Scenes created in 24.

    Now I understand why Paul saved Jack and why he didn´t died when he was shot.

    This episode offer you some action too and a new storyline that will be important more later.

    Seeing David Palmer on screen is always a pleasure, the man have what it takes to do the difficult decisions. However, the decision he made, will have consequences.

    Overral, in 40 minutes, what makes this episode be special, is the final minutes. Other minutes was more about details, with nothing really special our different.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Very well written

    By Parricida, Oct 10, 2008

    Oh, this episode. This is what I love about the serie - the totally hard and impossible choices they have to make - Jack has to go to the consul territory to get the man who is their only lead and it goes bad when he is discovered and consuler killed. And to make it even worse, just as Audery is having talk with her husband, he starts to crash and they rush him into surgery and when Jack comes with his witness and points gun on the surgent to save his patient.. oh.. the choice he had to made and Audrey reaction. I really wonder how he is able to.. and the face.. Audrey rage.. it was so emotional, so powerful.moreless

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  • 9.7


    By cavanagh15, Apr 03, 2007

    I thought the episode was good from beginning to end, with no down parts to any of the episode. I all ready like David Palmer back on the set and I hope he returns for more of Season 5 and not just as a guest star. His leadership and presence when he is talking to someone is arguably done better then anyone on the show. Jack usually is holding someone up when he is talking to them and needs information, but David Palmers calm agression is exactly the kind of thing this show needs. Jack going into the chinese consulute was a great twist in the show, meaning that he is now wanted by Chinese law (well him and I guess everyone else that was involved). either way, I think this might turn into an interesting sub-story for the rest of the season. The last five minutes at the end with Jack, Curtis, and Audrey in the operation room was brillance. I thought the writing was perfect and the acting done by Kefier and Kim were exceptional. Jack continuing to work on Paul long after he had been dead was something I think he would have done and Audrey reacted perfectly, telling Jack that she hated him. Marwan was pretty much a non factor in this episode, something I expect to change a lot in the next episode. Overall, one of the best episodes of the seasonmoreless

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    A very compelling episode

    By indgodream, Feb 28, 2007

    Wow, this episode was extremely riveting. I think this installment brings us back to the (sometimes flawed) characters that we've invested in since Season 1. First, we see the return of President Palmer, a nice contrast to the weak leadership of Logan. Then, we get to observe Jack doing what he does best: crossing lines in ways he shouldn't for the sake of the nation. Finally, Jack chooses security over his personal life and lets Paul Raines die, the man who saved his life only a few episodes ago and the estranged husband of Audrey (Jack's love interest). Paul's death was surprisingly heart-wrenching, and I was impressed with how the last moments of this episode really captured Audrey's disappointment and Jack's regret.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Heart-pounding installment.

    By jeffidoh, Jan 30, 2007

    Surely one of the best 24 episodes yet. Riveting final minutes where the lines between right and wrong are blurrier than ever. The decision to invade the Chinese Embassy, the choice of which life to save- paul or the chinese thug, it's heartpounding stuff and makes you thankful that there are people like Jack and Palmer who have to make these choices-- and live with them. Better than us, right?

    And is it just me or does someone sense a little romance developing with Chloe and Edgar. These two should just get a room already. Come on! :-) And as for Michelle and Tony, kiss and make up already, guys.moreless

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    great episode

    By sfviewer, Oct 13, 2006

    President Logan asks David Palmer to be in charge of the operation to infiltrate a Chinese Embassy in order to capture a suspect who helped Marwan build a bomb. Jack and his team goes to the embassy so they can capture a scientist who helped Marwan. When they take him back to CTU, Jack is forced to sacrifice the life of Paul so the doctor can save a life of the Chinese scientist. This episode shows raw emotions running high, it's a well written episode. It's well directed, the actors did a really good job making the dramatic parts believable.moreless

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    Riveting and Moving.

    By rhino2006xtc, Aug 25, 2006

    The finaly minutes of this Episode were powerful and riveting. Jack forces Doctors to work on a man with the only connection to a nuclear warhead while sacrifacing Paul's life who was in critical condition. Paul dies, while Jack tries to save his life at Audrey's plea. Audrey attacks Jack and blames him for Paul's death. Jack is obviously guily and pained by what happens as the hour ends.

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