Day 7: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

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    xcellent episode

    By sremnes, Jan 28, 2015

    The return opf Tony Almeida. This was an amazing season opener to a great season of 24. No series ever came close to 24.

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    Excellent reboot of a series that had gotten stale

    By BevinChu, Jul 02, 2012

    Excellent reboot of a series that had gotten stale and was starting to repeat itself, and not in a good way.

    New city. New surroundings. New office.

    Old crew. (That's good, not bad)

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    And on the seventh day…sh** continued to happen

    By BigDyno, Sep 08, 2011

    We pick up however long it's been after "Redemption" and—CRASH! KIDNAP! SKI MASKS!Despite Michael Latham's abduction, this feels more like the earlier premieres, featuring a formal upfront briefing about terrorists going after the United States' CIP firewall. But this time, we're in Washington DC, and the FBI will be playing the role of the shut-down CTU. And Tony Almeida's alive. …yeah. But evil. …cool. Anyway, this premiere doesn't feel as HUGE as the last three, but that's fine. Starting at a relatively calm pace is no crime.While Tony uses Latham to breach the firewall, the Senate grills Jack Bauer over all the torture he's done. This addressing of torture will be a recurring theme throughout S7, and a pretty well-handled one. Good gravy, the writers actually benefit from ditching the on-the-fly method? [/sarcasm]The Senate part doesn't last long, as Agent Renee Walker (cue cartoony hearts floating around my head) brings him into the FBI's Washington Field Office to help find Tony. Unlike CTU, this place looks like a normal office, with its cubicles and fluorescent lighting. A welcome change, I say. Here we meet some other principal characters: geeky Janis Gold, creepy Sean Hillinger, and by-the-books Director Larry Moss. And when I say "principal," I'm kinda humoring the first two.Allison Taylor's been busy, as the US is about to invade Sangala to dethrone Benjamin Juma. And her husband Henry has his own subplot regarding the truth behind his son Roger's "suicide." Thanks to "Redemption," we know that all of this is connected, and I'm glad that mapping out this entire day in advance has given us a small puzzle to piece together.Things start rolling as Tony hacks into Air Traffic Control and Jack questions a suspect, though loyal fans may very well see the ending to the latter coming. Still, my curiosity regarding the finished puzzle has been sparked, and that's enough to keep me watching. Plus, we know Jon Voight's gonna show up later, let's not beat around that.Hourly Highlight:Renee kicking Ari's ass. Oh, what? I'll never find love; Annie Wersching in action is all I got! That and X-rated movies, but…moreless

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    Incredible start, built up without deaths or terrible shocks, just with a fine plot taken to excelent and even original ways never done before!.

    By wikiager, Jun 28, 2011

    After past season, i was looking for this season of 24, in order to see if the show managed to get back its touch or if it was completely lost. The prologue "Redemption" gave me hope... but this first episode is awesome. The best 24 is really back by now, and i hope that it will continue during the rest of the season.

    This time Jack Bauer works for FBI, no longer CTU.

    Tony is alive... and is the bad guy, surprisingly ingenious.

    And the tension, adiction, quality and suspense are back... perfect for me!.

    This premiere deserves much more credit than it already has!.


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    Totally reinvention of Jack Bauer in the seventh season start!

    By Roces24, Apr 16, 2010

    After the huge disappointing that the whole last season was, all the fans and all the general viewers was expecting a brand new day, with a remarkable improvement in the plot, the characters and the action. Also we was expecting new things that we haven't seen before. And this seventh season is the answer for all my complains.

    This beginning is really addictive and truly perfect. Much better that you could expect. The writers have found a very great plot and very good ways to explain it. Also the acting and all the new characters are really superb and perfectly acceptable. The action is wonderful and in the level of season five, and Kiefer Sutherland continues improving his Jack Bauer like ever!.

    Four years and a half after the events from sixth day (and Redemption), Jack Bauer is on his own due to the CTU is no longer and he is on trial for the violence that he did in the past, when a brand new enemy rises, forcing him to help the FBI in a brand new day.

    In a sense, is reboot, because Bauer is on a great new place: Washington D.C. and with a lot of new things, and also because of all the things that this season presents.

    I really love this season beginning. You won't be disappointing.moreless

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    Pressure building and a surprise ending if you did not see the trailer for season 7

    By dco1990, Oct 21, 2009

    This was a great way to start a new season, it all feels fresh and having seen the rest of the season it continues with the fresh take on the old 24 even though people said it repeated itself (which it didn't). it starts with a couple of bangs with a well executed and unexpected car crash a minute in to grab your attention straight away. Good start for Renee who just gets better and better as the season progresses and a nice introduction to the other main characters. The whole episode was building up and up with the plane taking off, the terrorist run by Tony taking over air traffic control, the glitch in the system being noticed by the FBI and Jack and Renee's interrogation of a man from Jack's past. The ending was a surprise and even after a second viewing I still manages to gasp in shock even though i knew what was coming. The well known 24 background music was there adding to the tension and a nice cliffhanger to bring us to the next episode at the end. All in all a brilliant start to a brilliant season up in the top four seasons of the show as a wholemoreless

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  • 8.9

    This season premiere starts with interesting multiple plots, even if this episode is not spectacular, it show that the producers are capable to deliver interesting episodes and this season can have the potential to be very good.

    By Dante_Edy, Aug 14, 2009

    Presentation Phase - » (20/20). Great, Great presentation, very simply done, good effects in the beginning, Jack being Judge and a old character that made his way back, perfect.

    About the new characters, they were well presented, the most interesting character is Renee Walker. Also President Allison Taylor is becoming interesting, it is something new and since David Palmer, I think she will be a nice replacement, since she is David Palmer in Feminine version.

    Complication Phase - » (20/20). A old character is now the main villain for this season or at least, the writers want you to think that way. Now Jack is involved both physically and emotionally. President Taylor have her own problem too, and her husband is motive to prove that his son's recent suicide was in fact a murder. But the main problem is the worse ever seen in 24.

    Time and Scene Management - » (16/20). There are some filler scenes like when the device wasn´t working properly or Henry Taylor negotiation, the only doubt I have if Henry Taylor desire to prove is son´s murder is a filler or something necessary for the plot.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (16/20). It makes some sense the fact that Tony is alive, since he´s dead was strange, but there is a certain hole in why he is alive and not dead that have to be filled. Aside that, all things are normal for now.

    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (10/10). New president, Jack being judge, but don´t expect more than that, expect to be surprise with Tony sudden resurrection.

    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10). The tension was built through 4 plots, but they are all in the initial stage.

    What I liked -» Renee Walker, President Allison Taylor, all Jack scenes and Tony of course.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» The filler scenes.

    This season premiere starts with interesting multiple plots, even if this episode is not spectacular, it show that the producers are capable to deliver interesting episodes and this season can have the potential to be very good.moreless

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  • 8.5

    A nice start to start the season.

    By offline1234, Jul 11, 2009

    day seven 8:00am-9:00am was a good episode, introducing new characters, finally CTU is gone.Time for a new season.Jack Bauer is in court for human rights of toture and human rights vandalism but is excused by FBI agent Renee Walker to tell him about Tony Almeida. A famous dead character comes back to life to be in the 7th season of 24, how exciting! Now we spend twenty minutes of introducing new characters of the bureau, the white house, and what Tony[ now the bad dude] will do with the CIP firewall, and he chooses to cross path planes to danger. Then the FBI finds a lead on a man who might be involved with the location on Tony Almeida, until he is shot before he tells Jack where the location of tony.

    A semi-intense episode, a good way to start a season.moreless

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  • 9.0

    So it's all change in the high-adrenalin, hyper-tense world of television's greatest superhuman.

    By screenagedkicks, May 17, 2009

    So it's all change in the high-adrenalin, hyper-tense world of television's greatest superhuman: CTU's gone kaput, the White House staff has had a complete overhaul including, shock, the culling of Peter MacNicol (hah! You thought I was going to mention the President of the female variety, didn't you? Well clearly, you didn't read the Redemption review. Get to it!), Tony Almeida's turned into a facial-hair sporting, overly stern gazing terrorist bad ass and poor Jack Bauer's caught up in a ludicrously right wing perception of a human rights violation trial. Which, well, despite my distaste at the completely one-sided depiction of it all, does give Kiefer Sutherland some rather nifty dialogue and is a somewhat refreshing change for the show. What a shame the FBI wander in and subpoena him, eh? I could watch 24 hours of Kiefer's soliloquies. Still, it all goes a bit pear-shaped once Bauer is, in his words, 'activated' (do you suppose someone presses a big red button on his back?!) and he has to set about thwarting Almeida's dastardly plans to take hold of the US' essential systems including, it seems, air traffic control. This particular threat is far more effective at raising the horror levels than the suitcase nukes and gas cannisters of seasons past as, really, it couldn't get much worse than planes falling out of the skies, heating, lighting and electricity being shut down and the water supply getting all contaminated.

    The build-up of the threat to the plane is executed especially well - kudos to the writers and, notably, to Sean Callery whose thumping underscore keeps a fast pulse rate certain. This is actually true of the episode as a whole: everything moves along at just the right pace, taking time to set up new characters and scenarios but simultaneously ensuring that there is sufficient tense dramatic weight to stoke the viewer's interest. It's nice to see the crew thinking outside of the box and delivering some genuine surprises: while I'm sure there are thousands of Almeida fans up in arms about his 'turn', at least the move feels fresh and is actually convincingly depicted by the ever dependable Carlos Bernard. The female President, Alison Taylor, is also a welcome change of pace and it's good to see that the events of Redemption tie directly into the thread of the season-long narrative... but they killed the son! My God! I was sure that handsome young model was set to break female, and gay hearts worldwide for a good 24 episodes. A solid, enjoyable start then and certainly a massive improvement from where we were at the end of year six. And it's got John Billingsley in it! It must be good!moreless

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