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    Simply awsome movie

    By sremnes, Jan 28, 2015

    Jack in a full length film, it was great, Too few main characters though.

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    Cool set up for what looks like a great return!

    By wikiager, Jun 26, 2011

    After the disappointing season six, we needed some new or shocking enough to reapreciatte the show. And that´s here!. Jack Bauer is in Africa now, fighting in a war that involves child soldiers. Everything under the watch of a new President, female Allison Taylor, and a conspiracy surrounding her.

    That is the plot of 24 Redemption: a superb prologue to the new season, which is spectacular, cool, nerve cracking, suspenseful... and fresh. Truly new material never try or done before.

    If season seven works in the same way, i will gonna to enjoy a really great season... but not L. A.

    This time, in Washington D. C.moreless

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  • 7.5

    I was expecting more. I mean after waiting for like a year..

    By racxiu, May 05, 2010

    Uhm I felt this tv movie didn't have that punch 24 usually packs. you know, the suspense, the action and all. I found it..a little boring at times, sad to say. For example, the whole chunk with jack at the school.hmm i was happy when Jack got back to one man army mode but I felt oddly unsatisfied at the end of it all. I didn't feel for the children that much too but that may just have been me. Scenes I liked were the parting of ways of Jack and Carl and Jack's arrest. I also think this tv movie did a reasonably good job at introducing new characters. However it is not outstanding enough. I hope the episodes in season 7 will be better than this.moreless

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    A nice little 2 hour special..

    By JoeLostDharma, May 05, 2010

    I was looking forward to this, because 24 hasn't been on my screen for over a year! It's been tough, seriously. But, yeah, I tuned into this and it was a good watch. Set in Africa, it was a nice change from the usual typical 24 episode. I enjoyed it, it had plenty of action, adventure. You know, it was 24. The storyline wasn't bad either..I had first thought that this was meant to be a prequel, but obviously not. The characters were cool, I liked the Irish dude...mainly because I'm Irish. It was sad when he died, and when some of the kids died. Yeah, it was a good ol' watch. Bring on Day 7.moreless

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    It's an ok/average episode. Not really my favorite and I think it can be A LOT better. But this definitely got my hopes up for Season 7: this episode was exciting, pretty informative, and an 'ok' storyline.

    By Trekforever, May 05, 2010

    The Good: Just seeing Jack Bauer on my television screen again is good enough for me, but other than that were allot of things that made this movie great. The movie took place in "real time" just like 24 usual does with was good.The acting was good in this, Keefer Sutherland did great as usual and Robert Carlyle (Carl Benton) was good on screen. The story line and plot was great considering it was all within 2 hours. The action scenes in this were also very exciting. Another thing I enjoyed about this was how it was different from usual episodes of 24, by this I mean it did not involve CTU or another team backing up jack, this time jack was all on his own with nothing but his two backpacks and trusty side arm.

    The Bad: Hmm... not to much to say here. One of the only negative things I would have to say about this would be the sub story line in Washington was a little boring. There is something about The new president Allison Taylor that I just don't like, maybe its just me but something doesn't feel right about her. Also I was a little disappointed that other than Noah Daniels and brief appearance of Tom Lennox there were not any other characters from 24 in this movie though in a way that can also be a positive thing.moreless

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    By The-A-Man, May 05, 2010

    Some good bits, but mostly the wounded beast limped along in its shiny new clothes.

    So before the fingernails are methodically pulled out, here is the slap on the back:

    Jack is Back! Yes, it is good that the show is moving in a brave nwee direction - first woman president with a positive and ideal attitude towards the world! Hils biology and Barack's charisma and brains rolled into one candidate? Why not go the whole shebang and have a female black President? Anyway - the opening speech was admirable and a great contrast.

    Cool that it is not in the States for once. Africa is a cool environment and HUGE. Lots that can be done with this canvas.

    Interesting to move away from small cuty-crippling terrorists to the big country-toppling ones. Liked how the best and worst of America are put head to head.

    Was awesome to get a glimpse into Jack's past and his relationship with his old SpecOps buddy.

    And now the bad:

    Stop killing likeable characters!

    The little black boy was really unbelievable as a character. And rather annoying.

    The UN peacekeeper was HUGELY weak. Dammit - you don't need to make them blithering cowards to let Jack operate at his best. And him giving up Jack's position was simply sad.

    WHY oh WHY did you not let Sam be the presidential candidate?!?!?! You cruel, cruel writers.

    And man, did this plot blow. I could not care less about any of it - none of the characters seemed real - apart from Jack and his buddy. The opening scene was brutal, but it tapered away from that intensity. Even the torture scene was quite limp by 24's primal standards.

    Bottom line: Yes, Jack is Back. But dammit, he is let down by the wasted environment and plot. Fix it fast. Does not help that Kiefer was arrested and made to look like a real jerk.moreless

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    Looked like a low budget movie.

    By danibizi, May 05, 2010

    I have no idea why they made this movie. The script was very predictable and very simple. So simple that it looks like they gave it to some students for their finals' project. ANother thing, Jack Bower looks like he doesn't care anymore for anything. He got this look on his face like it wont matter for him if everybody dies.

    I don't even want to talk about the guy who found some classified files and sent them to his home. And then he goes home and just waiting fo the files to download. Guess what! Surprise Surprise! Those guys, who own those files, did not like the idea of someone stealing them, so they wanted them back. What a genius plot.

    And, obviously, those files are somehow connected to a guy from the white house or from the presidency. Obviously. This is just rediculous.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By Blakbush, May 05, 2010

    the story line being set in Africa is one of the first things that made this movie unique for me, it brought about a contrast to the fast action and speed thrills that 24 normally puts us through. It was set in a quiet, calm and collected background up till the war lords set to recruit youngings for soldiers. At the end of the show I found myself to have enjoyed it due to the contrast it offered as opposed to the almost always quite sophisticated nature of the show I was accustomed to. Overall rating for me, it is watchable and much so enjoyable.moreless

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    Well this is a curious beast. The two hour, sorry, scratch that, 90 minute special prequel to season seven of 24 actually turns out to be more of a 'feature' than a standard two episodes of the programme.

    By screenagedkicks, May 05, 2010

    Well this is a curious beast. The two hour, sorry, scratch that, 90 minute special prequel to season seven of 24 actually turns out to be more of a 'feature' than a standard two episodes of the programme; to borrow writer Howard Gordon's analogy, to be 'more of a Western than a conventional thriller'. And he's right: while there is action galore during the space of one harrowing day's 3pm til 5pm, Redemption is really about character... specifically, Jack's character. The narrative establishes Bauer's current mental state and situates it within the narratalogical geography of the show and then sets about taking him from this mental and physical space to that which he will inevitably be in in season seven. Over the course of the 'movie', he takes a journey from hiding from his past to confronting it head on, and it takes the catastrophic macrocosmic events that are going on around him in Sengala to allow him to make the change. Redemption makes no qualms about the fact that this is, first and foremost, Jack's psychological piece: the first half an hour (at least) is dedicated to establishing the relationship between he and his mentor, the wonderful, exemplary Robert Carlyle, and the actual terrorist threat doesn't really swing into gear until around 15:40 (except for that lovely, disturbing pre-title sequence: "kill the cock-a-roach!" is now a personal favourite quote). For the most part, this works well, giving the special an altogether different feel to the show on which it's based. This is also true of the cinematography: the contrast between Sengala and Washington simply couldn't be sharper. Visually, the African sequences are stunning, thanks to both a combination of the highly picturesque climate and the attention to detail by the production crew: even small things like hiring a lorry load of extras (mostly people off the street) to press up against the walls of the Embassy contribute significantly to the creation of a strong level of authenticity. The US scenes, of course, are far more drab: all whites, blacks and greys, but they have their charm too, in large part thanks to the brilliance of the actor playing the ex-drug addict who met a sad end far too soon, and the presence of Jon Voight. Jon Voight! Let's hope he shows up in season seven. Oh, and lest I forget, Peter MacNicol's back! And Powers Boothe! And... it looks like they won't be in the next season. Oh well. At least we got some astonishing performances out of both; Boothe, in particular, makes every scene he's in. Just look at how tired and weary he manages to appear without uttering a single breath when new President Alison Taylor is talking to him. It's astonishing. Cherry Jones is pretty damn good herself actually, coming across very stoic and strong-willed, and standing up well to the might of current President Daniels. Their scenes together are perhaps the most well written of the entire piece and are definitely to be savoured. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come in the White House and that season six's shaky start (thanks to the ill-informed placement of Wayne Palmer) has been firmly put to bed. Overall, this is a refreshingly different kind of 24 'episode', one that takes its time, lets its characters have room to breathe (and even, have a lie on the doctor's couch) and sets up some tantalising plot points for the future, while also delivering very well on the action, drama and suspense front in the later stages of its narrative. The cast is a dream - Robert Carlyle, Jon Voight, Tony Todd! - the visuals are stunning and Jack gets to brandish an AK-47. Honestly, what more could you possibly want?moreless

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