ITV (ended 2004)
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  • S 5 : Ep 7

    Series 5 Highlights

    Aired 12/23/04

  • S 5 : Ep 6

    Episode 28

    Aired 12/13/04

  • S 5 : Ep 5

    Episode 27

    Aired 12/6/04

  • S 5 : Ep 4

    Episode 26

    Aired 11/29/04

  • S 5 : Ep 3

    Episode 25

    Aired 11/22/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jon Culshaw

    Voice of Various Impersonations

  • Jan Ravens

    Voice of Various Impersonations

  • Enn Reitel

    Voice of Various Impersonations

  • Dave Lamb

    Voice of Various Impersonations

  • Lewis Macleod

    Voice of Various Impersonations

  • show Description
  • 2DTV is a short animated satirical show that keeps up to date with the latest stories. Using a special kind of animation, it is able to make characters and places quite easily and finished on the date in which it's supposed to be aired. The cast may of changed from the end of series 3 but now at the end of series 5 the new cast members have well and truly settled in and took the places of the old cast well. Awards & Nominations 2002 British Comedy Awards Best New TV Comedy Nominated Rose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival Press Prize Won! Cast 2001-2003 Mark Perry Various Jan Ravens Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Cherie Blair, Kylie Minogue, Camilla Parker Bowles & Various Jon Culshaw Tony Blair, George W Bush, David Beckham, Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams & Various Cast 2004- Lewis Macleod Various Kate O' Sullivan Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Cherie Blair, Kylie Minogue, Kat Slater, Trinny, Susannah, Camilla Parker Bowles & Various Enn Reitel Various Dave Lamb VariousA Granada Production for ITV1.2DTV came 52nd in 100 Greatest Cartoons on Channel 4.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • ITV digital monkey: OW! Michael Jackson:I was going to say that.

    • Corgi (Featured in Scooby Doo Sketch) "Corgi-doobly-doooooooooo!"

    • Queen mother: "If you're watching this, I probably gone to the great bookies in the sky."

    • George Bush: Said when George decides to get off the bouncy Whitehouse "General, I never thought I'll say this but Blow Up the Whitehouse "

    • Korean chef: To Rolf Harris with the roast dog "You're love this bit, it's the dogs' bullocks!"

    Notes (10)

    • Ran for 10 minutes from 10.20pm

    • The Celebrities featured at the party are Graham Norton Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Robbie Williams, Jamie Oliver, Geri Halliwell, Will Young, Paul McCartney, Johnny Vaughan, Louis Theroux, Liam Gallagher, Judi Dench, JayKay , Hugh Grant and Elton John.

    • This episode had highlights from the past series added on at the end.

    • The celebrities featured in Celebrity Survivor are Naomi Campbell, Laurence Llwellyn-Bowen, Chris Eubank, Vanessa Feltz, Chris Evans and Anthea Turner.

    • Featured as an Extra on the 2DTV Complete Series 3Dvd.

    • New Characters in Series 5 : Gordan Ramsay, Coleen (Wayne Rooney's Bird) and Paula Radcliffe.

    • The song "kill the world" is meant to be a spin on the band aid song "Feed the World". Band aid originally recorded the song 20 years ago and rerecorded the song in 2004. The song was to help the poorest areas of Africa.

    • Now runs for 25 minutes instead of 30 minutes like the first two shows of the series did.

    Show More Notes

    Trivia (2)

    • When Bush plays Eeny-meeny-miney-mo, he points at peace when he said "Mo". The General says "Thank God". Yet, the General can't see Bush when he points at peace because he was at the side of his desk, crutching down, being his alias Professor Liebstrom.

    • The chairs in the Kylie Minogue Sketch both have different voices. When they fight for who Kylie gets to sit on, the voices have changed. (Left chairs voice has become Right Chairs Voice and Right Chairs voice has become left chairs voice)

  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • good!

    By joabus, Nov 17, 2007

  • The best thing since MR bean

    By Kieranmay, Dec 12, 2005

  • 2DTV

    By gdwwe, Nov 24, 2005

  • A brilent Sketch show with very funny characters

    By Fosterfan, Aug 06, 2005

  • Very entertaining!

    By erazertf, Oct 07, 2005

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