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    What a great show!

    By VickiStager, Sep 25, 2010

    I really like this show. I'm not a part of the Neilsen rating system so I don't have to critique whether this show is accurate, degrading, or whatever. Its accuracy ISN'T the point - believe it or not, it's a comedy and that's all. Nobody is trying to make a "statement". For you people who think that this new TV show is degrading or whatever, you obviously need to "get a life" because you take yourself WAY too seriously. I work with Indians (located in the U.S. and "offshore") and believe it or not, they have a very good sense of humor and also probably think this show is entertaining and funny.moreless

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    This show was very representative of the life of many Indians. It showed both the good and the not so good. Not everyone lives in poverty but not everyone is rich either.

    By taramati, Jul 03, 2010

    I have very good friends in India. I spoke with them following this film and they confirmed everything in the episode. India is a developing country. They have come a very long way in recent years in large part because of the new jobs made available through outsourcing. There are also a huge number of people living there in concentrated areas. Well-to-do live in among the poor as shown. The home he stayed in was immaculate and the family obviously educated, however, right outside was the garbage. I don't think the creator was suggesting that there are not Indians that do programming or any other host of high level, high tech jobs. That doesn't change the overall status of things as they currently are.moreless

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    I am embarrassed to be an American after watching this episode because Chris is a poor excuse of an American. He continues to question the family he is staying with lifestyle. Plain and simple, Chris is damaging that family and needs to go.

    By pd2001, Jul 03, 2010

    This was an interesting episode. I never knew about the job opportunity in India. I hope that if there is going to be another episode as this one, please don't ever get a person like Chris again. There was a riot and he is asking millions of questions instead of trying to leave for safety. The one thing that hurt this episode was when Chris kept asking the man's wife if she enjoys working at home or want to work outside the house. She didn't want to answer but he kept pressuring her. He was very wrong for doing that.moreless

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    Outsourcing to Asia is just another form of slavery and non-beneficial to the general U.S. public.

    By firefighter639, Apr 06, 2009

    First, I've worked in the tech industry for many years, including the manufacturing sector and have witnessed first hand the impact of outsourcing American jobs to India. When watching this show I realize the producer was attempting to make us feel better about the whole idea, however it only made me feel stronger that we, the people, should not support, buy from companies that outsource over seas. For those readers who are African American, did the homes an poverty shown in this episode bring you to realize that this outsourcing is nothing more than finding a way to continue slavery? We have no right bringing our culture to these people let alone give them our jobs. The impact of our occupation in India has yet to show it's ugly face to the world. For those who run "global businesses" and say "a global economy helps the world" is full of it. It's their way of trying to hide the fact that they, the C level executives, are the only one's who benefit from outsourcing.moreless

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    Bleeding heart documentary appealing to viewer's emotions about outsourcing, low on facts and insight into why jobs are actually being outsourced.

    By rickdane1, Apr 11, 2008

    People who are afraid of outsourcing don't understand that we are living in a global economy and that with advancing technology this is going to be the way things are from now on.. companies can and will source work to whichever workers can do that work the most efficiently for the best price.

    This documentary makes an appeal for the hearts of its viewers but lacks in mental substance. Why should our government step in to prevent outsourcing? This sort of action would be borderline communist, in my opinion, there is no alternative to outsourcing other than workers here being the best at their jobs so that the work can't be outsourced


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    Outstanding and balanced depiction of the reality of outsourcing.

    By zyabo, Nov 25, 2007

    This is an outstanding show, showing the reality of how outsourcing impacts India. The lives and attitudes of Indians are very accurately captured (as much as one can in a 45 minute show).

    A number of Indians have written negative reviews of this show because of "how it portrays India." This is very very sad in a number of ways. I am Indian, and I'm ashamed of how so many other Indians try to ignore the deep problems and suffering in India, and even worse, get mad when these problems are depicted. I am ashamed because, much more than here in the USA, most people who are well off in India truly feel that they are better human beings than their poorer brethren, and feel that the poor get what they deserve (or perhaps get more than they deserve). That's why, when such people are shown on television, many well-off Indians think "Why would they show such people? Why not show all the smart elite Indians? They are ones who matter."

    Of course, we in the USA have the luxury of not having to see such intractable and systemic poverty every day. We can be shocked by it. In India, heartbreaking scenes of exploited and suffering children are commonplace, and one feels powerless to help. It is easier to blame them for their own troubles, even when you know it is a ridiculous thing to believe.

    Those interested in doing more to help should consider giving to such charities as Asha for Education, or AID India, where 100% of donations go to organizations on the ground in India (volunteers handle all overhead costs).moreless

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    I think it shows how billionaires run the world.

    By FaithMiller, Aug 27, 2006

    The show took this man to India to find the answer to whether India is taking the jobs away from America. I think that when the show was over the answer was "no". He realized that it wasn't them taking the jobs away, but the billionaires were just moving the jobs.

    Personally, if I had a million tax-free dollars I could live off that for the rest of my life so I don't know why billionaires feel like they need more money.

    They move the jobs to India and pay the people less. I don't think it's because they can live on less, but because they will work for less than Americans will. I couldn't someone over there could of been working for a company for years and have people under them and still be living in squaller.

    It does make me sad, but there are people in this country that don't have homes and have jobs. It's a bad situation and I think unless changed it will only get worse.moreless

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    Totally misplaced and highly opinionated

    By rv_123, Aug 12, 2006

    This is one of the worst depictions of outsourcing to India. The person who lost the job is a \"Programmer\" and he goes to India to compare the lifestyle of a worker in a Call Center. Isn\'t it a no-brainer to arrive at a conclusion after you compare apples to apples? If the episode was to compare the job of a programmer or the qualifications of a programmer in India to whom he has lost his job as a reason of outsourcing,it would have been a worthwhile effort. And based on such a ridiculous comparison, he also continues to make conclusions. No wonder he lost his job.moreless

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    One of the stupidest shows ever. There is so much high-end research and consulting work that gets outsourced to India. The best they could do was visit a call centre of all places and make it look like indians are only capable of working at call centres.

    By preetiv, Aug 08, 2006

    These guys must do their research before they produce shows like this. The american guy stays with one Indian family that works at a call centre and its only their views and perspectives that get reflected in the show. And then he ends up generalising that to the whole of India.

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