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    Basically Liz goes through with her three-wedding ordeal and meets the man of her dreams along the way. At the same time, Jack has to choose between the two women he has been in love with for the past few episodes, and Kenneth looses his job.

    By umop-apisdn, Jun 11, 2010

    I thought this episode was true to 30 Rock's quality throughout the season. It had a few good parts and a few parts where I was slightly bored. Matt Damon guest starred, which is ALWAYS a plus in my book. Kenneth's drunken rant at the end was hillarious. I'm getting a little teary about 30 Rock coming to an end now that Alec Baldwin is leaving, and I think the plot of this episode was preparing us for that. It left enough hanging for there to be some issues resolved next season, but it cleared some stuff up too. All in all, a solid season finale for 30 Rock that I enjoyed.moreless

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    Matt Damon!

    By Super_Dooper, Jun 05, 2010

    Ahhh, I love Matt Damon, and every time he was on screen I was like, Gahhh. Anyway, he did a good job, and I thought there were a lot of interesting plot points this ep, and it kinda shows that as long as it is a season final, then you cant bring out all the stops! I can't wait to see how things turn out with Kenneth (possibly) fired - pretty sure Jack'll bring him back - and Jack trying to deal with Avery's pregnancy and the impending commitment that will entail, and finally Liz's new relationship (that'll probably be explained in the first ep to have fizzled out because Matt Damon[!] can only do the one episode). So even though I've kinda guessed what will happen, I'm still excited for season 5!

    Also, I happened to really love the Wesley Snipes character. His and Liz's chemistry, although unsettling for Liz, was completely hilarious! If they ever bring him back in the future, I would definitely enjoy it.moreless

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