Idiots Are People Three!

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Quotes (3)

  • Tracy: Since its founding early this afternoon, the National Association for Zero Intolerance, or NAZI—we should change that.
    Denise Richards: It's fine.

  • Jack: Tracy's apologies have been accepted by GLAAD, and I don't even know what organization you're representing.
    Devin: We're new; we're called peen.
    Jack: And what is that an acronym for?
    Devin: Acronym?

  • Liz: I didn't want [Jack] to lecture me about how you don't have a job and your name is spelled wrong and you went to Wesleyan.
    Criss: Wesleyan is the Harvard of central Connecticut.
    Liz: Yale is the Harvard of central Connecticut.

Trivia (1)

  • Frank's trucker hat reads "Volunteer Pilot".