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  • 4.0

    I can't believe how bad this was

    By cherold01, May 05, 2011

    I love 30 Rock, but after about 10 minutes of this I had to turn it off. There were a couple of good gags, but overall it felt like one of those endless unfunny Saturday Night Live sketches that are the reason I gave up on SNL years ago. I think it is admirable to try something new, but this just wasn't well done. I think it's very difficult to change the basic format of a show like this, and 30 Rock's producers were simply not up to the task. If you like SNL in its current state, I suppose this will seem fine to you. But it's no 30 Rock.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By thefanof, Mar 18, 2011

    30 Rock, I know it is not possible, but they should consider having a live show every week. The main storyline with Liz and her birthday was hilarious, but all the subtleties of this episode were great too, from Tracy being Tracy, to the Kenneth scary laugh, to Elaine Benes playing Liz in the flashbacks, just a brilliantly done episode and not really any major mistakes. The live episode was a smashing success, and if they can get celebrities like Matt Damon and Jon Hamm to stop by, they definitely need to do this again later on in the year.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By caipirina, Mar 18, 2011

    I wish more TV shows would dare to do a live show .. as a special .. ever since Xena and Buffy we got used to musical episode .. but doing a real live show .. and not only once, but twice, the same evening ... incredible ... As much as I love 30 rock ... I did not think they could be much better ... but doing a live show shows a lot of where the original idea came from ... and they did it extrodanairy well. I could have even enjoyed a few mess ups (those that looked like mess ups were scripted) .. but if you have ever worked behind a stage, you can appreciate the work ... and the load of extra guests they got in .. fantastic .. And doing it twice .. one for east coast, one for west (with subtle differences, i.e. theme song sung by the new Canadian actor for the west) .. great job ...moreless

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  • 9.5

    Liz is agitated when it seems her 40th birthday has been forgotten by her TGS co-workers. Tracy decides that breaking character is so hilarious that he'll do it on purpose all show. Jack regrets his vow to go sober during Avery's pregnancy.

    By anneso129, Dec 10, 2010

    That was kind of amazing and I was really impress. It was the first time I watch this show. (I sometimes watch partial episode in French but that was crapy) I really like Tina Fey so I've decided to give this episode a go and I was not disappointed at all. The live performance was really nice and give a lot of rhythm to the show. Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing some parts of Tina Fey character was funny.

    For the story of this episode compare to the whole show I won't give any opinion because I don't know this show at all but I had a really good first impression!moreless

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