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    By felicia_123, Oct 27, 2013


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    De-friend me now if you like RR!

    By hiwaygirl, Jan 28, 2013

    Do some research. She can't cook and she is an idiot. I'm being kind. There is certainly nothing wrong with watching your budget as long as you are considerate (and educated) to the big picture.

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    One person eats on $40 dollars a day. Throw in a family and you are up to over $100 a day. Some show.

    By bmariah, Dec 07, 2007

    I'm glad this show is gone. Rachael Ray is a fantastic woman but the preimse of the show was misleading. She could lead us to $5 dollar drinks and $8 dollar plates and round out her day just under her budget of $40 but she didn't tip well the waitresses and if you are travelling with more than one or two other people these prices soar. It's unlikely that a the premise of this show meant anything other to the producers. The locals were kewl, the people she met a long the way were neat but I just couldn't understand this show as hard as I tried.moreless

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    The show is awesome and does work out for me because I have a small budget. I\'m just not sure if the concept will ever work to the shows purpose.

    By humdizzy, Aug 15, 2006

    I mean, if you only have 40 bucks to spend on food and you\'re in a state or city you\'ve never been in... I really doubt you should eat out at a restaurant. Maybe you should go for fast food because restaurants can easily blow your budget fast. Also who will remember the restaurants on the show and what she ordered unless you\'re a hardcore fan and you write everything down. Maybe the Food Network should come out with a book or mini guide for each state.moreless

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    i like $40 a day but have one major issue

    By mewood, Jul 22, 2006

    I really like $40 a day; the only problem is when the bill is being paid. Tonight Rachael Ray paid $16 for her meal. Unfortunately, tax and tip, which is usually lumped together, only totaled $2.49! As a server putting herself through graduate school, I am appalled that a television personality tells people that a two dollar tip is acceptable. If you are eating, it is unacceptable to tip less than $3. Think not of the bill, but what work the server has put in to serving you. I make $3.08 per hour; hardly enough to survive on. People must realize that servers live on tips and that Rachael Ray's %15 is hardly an acceptable tip for good service.moreless

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    $40 a day is a program which features Rachael Ray as she travels to different cities and countries while trying to eat three meals and maybe a snak for all under $40.

    By OHNK, Jul 21, 2006

    $40 a dayis a unique show and is very different than most programs on the Food Network. It is informative while being entertaining at the same time. Rachael Ray is a great host. She brings life to the show and does a great job presenting local attractions as well as the food. Any restaurant can be seen in this program, anything from local favorites to top notch diners. While you are being told of the food in that specific area, you also learn about the history and culture of that area. $40 a day is not only a great cooking show, but an awesome travel show as well.


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    This show is vry awsome and helpful.

    By TVaddick, Jun 12, 2006

    This show is very awsome, we love rachel. And the places she goes are awsome. But the show is actually helpful. Forty dollars is actually cheap to eat on per day, it usually comes out to 50 or 60 dollars without rachels help.

    But Rachel knows some of those restruants foods are nasty, and we can tell just pay attention.

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    This show is a waste of time.

    By fluffybear, May 30, 2006

    $40 a day in my opinion waste of 30 minutes as the show really does not to help you in your travels. The show was more or less created for people who are traveling (such as business people) and need to keep themselves within a budget. The concept is there but the first thing that needs to change is Rachel having to get the adult beverage. Quite a few companies will not reimburse their employees for such things so I would rather see Rachel show off some more places to eat then blow $10 or $15 on booze.. I also would like to see her maybe feature 2 or 3 places for each meal.moreless

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    Rachel Ray brings you along as she travels, and finds reasonably priced meals. Her goal is to have three meals, and maybe some snacks, for $40. Along the way, we learn about the food, the places, and the towns.

    By hoffman9102, Feb 18, 2006

    I watch this show with my daughters, as a family thing we do. Rachel Ray is a very upbeat, pleasant face to watch, and even though we have yet to see her break the $40.00 tab, my oldest always roots for a first. She takes us on a journey through the town we are visiting first, telling us a bit about the ambience, and history. She usually asks a local where a nice place to have breakfast is, and we are off. Meal one almost always starts with a "cup of Joe", plain, no sugar, no cream. If there is a special board, we usually will skip the menu, and order the house deal. Once her order is placed, we go on back to the kitchen and watch it being prepared, as she narrates. Back at the table, the food arrives, and we are treated with a variety of "look at this", and random"mmmms". Not so descriptive, but we do get the point, she likes it. Fast forward to noon, and we are cruising the streets again, asking around for a "hot" lunch spot. Rachel might point out a few landmarks, if there are any, or find us a quiet park to eat in. Replay breakfast, and we have lunch, with the addition of totaling up the tab thus far, and hoping she has enough for a good dinner. The final stretch of the show might show us Rachel kicked up a notch, actually ordering a microbrew with dinner, bartenders choice. As usual, a sip, and then a "mmm", "thats a great local brew, and ya cant BEAT the price". Order up one house special, and we are on our way to nearing the end...and the final tally. A trip back to the kitchen, and we are at the table with rachel, as she describes the different textures of her meal, and the freshness of the local veggies that were used. I cant blame her though, without actually offering someone a bite off of your plate, it is hard to come up with ways to share you food descriptions. Here comes the bill, and the tensions are mounting, will she make it???, yes, she will, with .23 cents to spare. Is it just me, or is $40 a day spent on one petite little lady a bit much?moreless

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