7th Heaven


Season 5, Ep 5, Aired 10/30/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Julie and Hank reluctantly decide to let their unemployed niece Mary earn a little extra money by watching their daughter Erica for the evening. Against her better judgment, Mary later lets her friend Frankie into the house, agrees to watch her baby as well, and finds herself tempted by a bottle of beer that Frankie accidentally left behind. Elsewhere, Lucy creates migraine headaches for herself by offering to take care of the twins and chaperone Ruthie's sleepover. Simon goes to great lengths to change his image; Matt pursues a girl who wants nothing to do with him; and a romantic afternoon out takes an ugly turn for Eric and Annie.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stephen Collins

    Reverend Eric Camden

  • Catherine Hicks

    Annie Camden

  • Barry Watson

    Matt Camden

  • David Gallagher

    Simon Camden

  • Jessica Biel

    Mary Camden

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  • Great episode!

    By VGFreak8, Feb 17, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Lucy: (to Rachel) Okay. You.....be quiet for a second and listen to me! (to Sarah) And you! well, you like adults. And I'm an adult--a very tired adult, who's tired of having to listen to you and Rachel fight. I need a time-out, an adult time-out, which can only happen if you both go home. Now. Right away. I will call your parents and tell them whatever you want me to tell them, but please just go home! I promise that Ruthie will have you both over again--separately!

    • Lucy: (to Sarah and Rachel) Okay, I have been listening to you two all day, and a couple of things are clear. You both like Ruthie, and you both have a different relationship with Ruthie--which happens. Different people see different things in you, and they bring out different qualities, and-- Rachel: No offense, but if I wanted an after-school special lecture, I'd turn on my TV.

    • Julie: I don't know if I believe Mary. Hank: I think we should tell Eric and Annie about her--about the beer, and that she's still hanging out with Frankie. Julie: I hate to get her in trouble. If this were an isolated incident......she wasn't drunk. She could be telling the truth. Hank: But if she is in trouble, and we don't say anything, how are we going to feel later--that we knew she was in trouble, and we did nothing?

    • Lucy: Why don't you girls go outside and play, and I'll set us up a picnic lunch? Rachel: I don't like eating outside. It's a bug thing. Lucy: Okay......well, then, we'll have a picnic indoors. Sarah: With orange soda? Rachel: I don't like orange soda, and neither does Ruthie. Sarah: Ruthie likes orange soda. Lucy: Who wants a cookie? Rachel: Ruthie's my best friend, and I think I know if she likes orange soda! Sarah: She was my best friend first. Rachel: But you obviously don't know her as well as I do! Sarah: Yes, I do. Rachel: NO, YOU DON'T! Lucy: Really. Taste a cookie. They're still warm. Rachel: What's Ruthie's favorite color? Sarah: Purple. Rachel: Blue! What does she want to be when she grows up? Sarah: A vet. Rachel: Queen Elizabeth! See, I told you that you didn't know her. I know her. She's my best friend!

    • Julie: This was a mistake. I'm never leaving Erica again, ever! Mary: Please don't say that. Hank: We come home, the house is a mess, the baby is a mess, there's another baby here we don't even know. You had guests over after we told you not to, and you were drinking. What is wrong with you?

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    Notes (3)

    • Ashley Edner's (Sarah), brother Frank appeared as a guest star in the episode "Hot Pants" (Season 6). He played Frank.

    • Chyler Leigh (Frankie) and Nathan West (Johnny) end their 3 episode-arc as Mary's rebellious friends. Nathan West will make one more appearance later in the season in "One Hundred."

    • In Germany this episode is known as, "At the Edge of the Abyss," translated.

    Trivia (2)

    • At the beginning of the episode, right after Julie reluctantly says "okay" to Mary baby-sitting her daughter, Mary immediately hangs up the phone without saying anything else. No "thank you," "no good-bye," nothing. It is hilarious to think that any normal human being would end a telephone conversation that way.

    • In this episode, Mary refers to her Aunt Julie as "Awnt Julie," which sounds awkward every time she says it. She never pronounced "aunt" that way before, so it's unusual that she would start now.

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