A Country Practice

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Quotes (24)

  • Frank: You like a drop of wine do you? Shirley: Ah, oo, I never drink when I'm drinking-driving. I mean I never drive-eh, I don't touch it, Vicky's the one. Frank: No I didn't think you were the type. Shirley: No not me.

  • Simon: These country girls are far too healthy. Last visit four years ago. A poor struggling medico could starve to death around here. Shirley: I don't think you'd starve to death anywhere Dr Bowen.

  • Terence: Wonder what she's (Mrs Myers) running away from. Marta: A man of course. What a pleasant life women would have if there were no men in the world. Terence: Aha, bit dull though, don't you think?

  • Terence: It's ironic, isn't it? It's because of Elaine's efforts that the theatre is as well equipped as it is. Yet in spite of all that electronic wizardry we still weren't able to save her.

  • Molly: (talking about the nature of small-town, close-knit communities, and how the occurences in one's life are known and affect the rest of the community) It's sort of scary; yet good too, comforting.

  • Frank: Anything I can do Shirl, chop something, grind something? Vicky: Sounds rather violent.

  • Emily: You can let your animals die with dignity but not your loved ones.

  • Emily: We can be cranky and funny and senile at thirty-or we can still paint wonderful pictures and write wonderful books and have children at eighty-five. Age is not the problem...the problem is illness and insanity and-alot of other things.

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Notes (192)

  • Original airdate in UK - 2.45pm Wednsday 27 October 1982 (ITV - Thames, Anglia, Border, Granada, TVS and Yorkshire) Other ITV regions started at later dates.

  • The baby nursery is across from the Matron's Office. In later episodes this becomes the exam room.

  • Simon is an Aries and Vicky is a Capricorn.

  • A nurse—Sister Long—is referred to (but not seen).

  • Tony smokes.

  • Jenny's mother died when she was twelve.

  • Shirley believes in—and practices—pyramid healing. She cannot cook or sew.

  • Marta has a horse named The General. She keeps a bottle of alcohol in the file cabinet.

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Trivia (6)

  • Rouna Daley does not appear in this episode.

  • Bill Charlton and Martin Sharman do not appear in this episode.

  • In the closing credits, Jill's last name is spelt Stevens. By contrast, Steve's and Robin's last name is spelt Stephens.

  • In the closing credits, Jill's last name is spelt Stevens. By contrast, Steve's and Robin's last name is spelt Stephens.

  • In the closing credits for her Script Editor role, Lynn Bayonas is credited as Lyn Bayonas.

  • The title of this episode as appears on screen is 'Fruit of t he Vine Part 2'.

Allusions (9)

  • Molly: I think Brendan has this mental picture of himself galloping across the moors on his horse with two dobermans alongside. Like that guy in Jane Eyre.
    Jane Eyre is a now classic novel written by Charlotte Brontë in 1846.

  • Jill: Still, can you see me in the CWA?
    The Country Women's Association of Australia (CWA) is a non-political organization with interests in various areas including government, health, and welfare.

  • Bill: Looks like you've done twelve rounds with Lionel Rose.
    Lionel Rose was a prominent Aboriginal Australian boxer of the 1960s.

  • Wayne: You know what my dad use to say to me mate when we were out ploughing? He reckoned there was gold under the patty, buried by Ben Hall or Ned Kelly or someone.
    Reference to Australian 1800s bushrangers Ben Hall and Ned Kelly. See Australian Bushrangers: Benjamin Hall and Ned Kelly's World.

  • Simon: They (vets) treat themselves with Bob Martins half the time.
    Bob Martins is a brand of pet products, including wormers.

  • Molly (to Vicky): Hey you alright? You're not half way down a dingo or anything are ya?
    Molly is referring to the appearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain at Ayers Rock in 1980. Mother Lindy claimed that she saw a dingo take the baby from a tent at the campsite.

  • Simon: You'd have thought I was Jack the Ripper.
    Reference to the infamous Jack the Ripper case of the late 1800s.

  • Chris: Nah what do I look like a spag?
    Spag is an Australian slang term for an Italian person (from the word spaghetti). It is usually a derogatory term (although Chris seems to use it in this instance as a joke between him and his Italian friend Tony).

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