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  • 4.5

    Suggestion to the producers of this show

    By JessicaSliwa, May 18, 2015

    How is it that the people being interviewed are real but I can not find a single way to apply for the show?

    I bet the show would get more views with real stories from real people. Some true tales are actually a lot more frightening than what the imagination can make up because it's realistic

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    were is the proff

    By MichelleWaters, May 13, 2015

    they have tons of storys with no proff> were is video footage? were is anything but these crazy people talking about something that is impossible? ok one show features horses moving around in the stals by themselves? they rigged all sorts of stuff EXCEPT VIDEO?? LIKE ALL THE SHOWS!! THEY STATED THEY EVEN CALLED THE COPS. However the cops stayed outside the entire night not bothering doing a investagation on the inside were things were suppose too happen?? come on? really? The people on this show are really mentally unstable? its a sci fi show not actual accounts. If it was then SURPRISE?? THEY WOULD HAVE FOOTAGE? people if yoiu actually believe horses and move from a stall too another without moving a door or locks? your delusional? so too the people who make this show please please don't allow people too acutally believe this stuff. put for entertainment only? for those of you saying its real show me real footage? if your house is haunted? show me a real video. I mean if your in such distress from a haunting you should be able too video tape it even with a laptop or phone? god people are so naive they actually believe story tellingmoreless

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    My house is haunted how do I get on?

    By judyzepp, Apr 29, 2015

    I live in slate creek in Grundy VA. and our house is very haunted and we have had 2 different paranormal

    groups come as well as the house blessed by priest 2 times and the grave yard behind our house consecrated the grave yard as well. We have had many mediums here as well... Seen in the paper today that 2 other homes on my street are going to air soon.....

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  • 9.0

    Like This Show

    By Brandy333, Apr 18, 2015

    I like this show, and while other religions can be used to have protection from spirits or demons, I see nothing wrong with the show promoting the use of Christianity to provide protection of the people having the experiences they are. I've had experiences from time to time, and when I use the expression "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus", it works to bring me peace. I've read demons tremble at the name of Jesus, because they know who He is.

    I believe the majority of stories on the show, but think some are elaborated on just a bit to make them more exciting. Someone in an earlier post said demons are not real, but yes they are very real. The person that said they are not is more vulnerable to their attack because they don't practice protection from them. Demons know these people are weak and take advantage of that. It is not brought out in the show, but I suspect some people having a lot of these experiences with spirits and or demons are either dabbling in the occult or saying these things don't exist. After all, at the beginning of the show the guy says "when doors are opened, nightmares begin".moreless

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    Any belief system will work!

    By velmamartin73, Mar 28, 2015

    I think the main thing with evil is that fear always feeds it. Evil picks on the unknowing, the weak. Once one really believes they have a charge. Get mad. Use YOUR belief system to cast the damn thing out. It works. YOU have that power unless you surrender it ...... YOU have the power to fix your own problems. Use YOUR religion whatever it is. I tell is God is God. Religion is man is imperfect and dangerous. It causes wars. People kill in the name of religion all over the world. God on the other hand is universal good. He does not kill or destroy. Use your head.moreless

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    easily a Christian propaganda show

    By InTheGray, Feb 05, 2015

    This show is clearly meant to slam all other faiths or those that are Atheist.

    I for one am a Male witch and even I know there is no such things a black or white magik as it is the heart of the castor that makes it good or evil.


    there was a episode where the woman's mother was a 'black' magik user and that she had a 'pentagram' tattooed on her body.


    they don't even do their research on it. the image used was a pentacle as there is a difference in the meaning.


    also it was clear that the paranormal group nor the show producers didn't even bother trying to get the mother's side of the story. the woman in the story clearly hated her mother for leaving her and would blame her if a fly landed in her drink or why poop is brown.


    and like other posters stated before the exorcism wouldn't work if the entity is not scared of the Christian god.


    The better show would be The Dead Files as Amy clearly states in many of her shows that no one religion would work for everything. such as native American curses could only be lifted by one of their own.


    sadly I can only give this show a 1 instead of a negative rating.


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    Lets be clear

    By potatosphere, Jan 22, 2015

    First, I am a devout Christian who has studied witchcraft, mysticism, and folklore for most of my life. Its some pretty cool stuff, and i don't have anything against anyone's religion except blatant Satanism and Scientology. Those suck balls. I used to love this show despite the fact that it clearly spruced things up for effect. If you compared what was described by the people to what was shown you would see a few inaccuracies but that was no big deal since i watched for entertainment. But this show has gone down the shitter. I depicts children as inept cowards even when there into their twenties and their depictions of a lot of their shit is woefully inaccurate. I fully believe in the power of God, but a lot of the things done on here are of questionable validity. Personally, i have practiced magic even while being Christian, but then i stopped because it actually did create problems i my life. I honestly think it worked at least to some degree because anytime i ever chanted to find something i did. That being said, i stopped my practice and reaffirmed my faith in the Lord and his teachings. I dislike this show because it is an unrealistic depiction of human behavior,it has shown Catholic prayer working in Atheistic or Agnostic families, and uses testimony, often from alleged psychics, that is clearly made up to any observer. I did enjoy this show and i don't have a problem with most religions, but even we Christians who acknowledge the might of the Lord must recognize that this show is crap on a cracker and blatant couldn't finish any of the new episodes because they were so terrible. They make vague references to gods demons and spirits but only in loose terms that don't further viewers knowledge of the subject matter.moreless

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    Biased. One-Sided. Accounts Possibly Twisted. Non-Christians (especially Pagan Spiritual groups) are Labeled as the "Perpetrators" of the "Real Evil in America"

    By Quantum-Singularity, Jan 19, 2015

    I am a Pagan and unlike many Christianists, I study my philosophical interests thoroughly, and I research the whole spirit world with a consciousness-based approach.

    I've been watching this show, and it had a few paranormalists from other religions but the more episodes I watched, especially now after seeing a part of the "Curse of the Mummy" episode, I have lost my faith in the reality of this show. I seriously study Ancient Egyptian Spirituality (Kemeticism), and I was waiting for them to name that "volatile and aggressive Egyptian god" with whom that priestess supposedly was dealing in that episode so I could conclude once and for all whether I wanted to keep tuning into this show or not, but the more I gave it thought as the episode perhaps got a quarter of the way through (still not being too straightforward about identifying or describing that god), the more I concluded this is Judeo-Christian propaganda. And that's too far beneath me intellectually. Not that the real Jesus hates, but God save me from some of these groups that claim to be your followers who for some reason choose to exploit that one specific poor avatar of yours just to degrade their own mortal enemies! I can see how the Christ is easier to exploit though than the Buddha just because of the crucifixion story getting warped whereas the Buddha spent more time and energy conducting academic research under the Bodhi tree so his account on ascension is more thorough and harder for martyrists to twist than that quick crucifixion account that churchpeople half listen to on Sundays when they're only attending for social appearances anyway. If it wasn't for the Councils of Nicea during the Byzantine Reign, Christianity would not be as racist and corrupt as it has come to be today. The Councils of Nicea basically had an "official" voting session and compiled the Christian Bible based on what manuscripts they approved. They declared Gnostic prophets like Thomas "heretics" of their cult.

    As an experienced researcher of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Wicca, Paganism, World Religion, Mysticism, and Witchcraft subjects, I happen to know that while a Catholic priest using Jesus in exorcisms is ONLY practical IF that negative entity is afraid of Jesus, thus able to be existentially affected by the Jesus entity. Our existence is really conceived by a conscious or else unconscious experience. If the entity does not believe in nor fear this Jesus patron, the worst it could become is annoyed, like when anti-Gay evangelists stand on the street ranting vile and offensive things against LGBTQ people. Thus the annoyances from the ignorant clergy types intensifies the haunting situations.

    The religious people can't seem to comprehend reality beyond so-called Denominational Judeo-Christianity (Christianism), so they make up fictitious biases and no wonder these stories are showing as very obviously one-sided pro-Christianistic.

    I finally stopped watching in the middle of that Anti-Kemeticism episode as I grew too disgusted by the philosophical ignorance present. If you're of any other religion or faith besides Christianity, prepare to have your people and your cultural dignity bashed by this show, as clearly this show holds most if not all non-Christianist groups (especially Wiccans) as responsible for all the evil energies in America... Yes, "In America, there is Real Evil, between the things we see and the things we fear, there are doors" and when those doors are opened, the things we feared were really no big thing because when Gays can get married and when the KKK can no longer legally bash people, the only things left to fear are the faces of the enemies themselves who resisted the change. The evil in this show only emerges from the very dysfunctional "church-feuding" hypocrites who are constantly pointing their fingers at others (the haters against marriage equality, the KKK, the political crusaders), while returning to their households where their family life is among some of the most dysfunctional imaginable.

    When it comes to the spirit world and things not given instructions for in their bible, the pastored religious people remain uneducated in Spiritualism comparative to total drunks emerging from redneck bars slurring and trying to do what they call "math" from the perspective of a totally sober academic urbanite. Doors otherwise that get opened revealing any negative entities (not particularly caused by the Christianist Dysfunction) were in this case opened by Nature just as a more random and unfortunate event of the changing tides at a less-than-suited time and place; they require Universal Exorcists IF the spirits even happen to be evil if they really want to have guaranteed success in most cases. The only paranormal powers Christianists have is not universal and it can be compared to a physical plane dictator easily and capably controlling his/her own dictatorship with harsh cruel merciless authority, scaring the war criminals into submission, but being powerless in other countries that don't affiliate with that dictator. Christianistic Magick only works in the Christianist Matrix. Do not mistake Christianism the cult for Christianity the religion. Christianity follows the general principle of love taught by Jesus, while Christianism is always making holy war.

    And that's my honest, conscious review of this show . . .

    I see many others seem to have spotted the bias in this show as well. My sincere regards for them. I do not recommend this show for any group of people who are non-Christian, and if you still persist to watch it: Be warned of this show's potentially offensive content towards most ethnicities.moreless

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  • 7.5

    stop drawing pentagrams all over everything!" (Black Magic episode)

    By SuperDan69, Dec 05, 2014

    OMG if I ever have to say that to anyone, especially my son, a hunting would be the least of my worries!I would be more concerned that my mother was actually my sister and I was surrounded by trailer homes. Dad is in no position to judge. I know that goatee is popular with the guys at the KKK funhouse, but truth is you are just to lazy to shave aren't you? Either that or you grew it out to catch the food that falls out of your mouth to eat later. My theory is that dad and his buddies are having a competition to see how fat, ugly and ignorant they have to get before women stop making their babies. And what's with the kitten sacrifice? Again, a haunting would be the least of my worries here. You don't need a priest, you need some Haldol in that house!

    The only thing funnier than this show is watching its fans competing for who is the best Christian.moreless

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  • 10

    A haunting is the best, original and excellent narration make this a constant winner.

    By barrylittleton, Nov 27, 2014

    this is the original go show and I still love it after seven seasons

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