According to Jim

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Quotes (167)

  • Danny: Next time you are washing your car ask yourself this: Would you rather be hosing off dirt, or little pieces of brain and skull?

  • Andy: Look at me! I'm Cheryl! I'm the older sister! I get to boss everybody around! Boss, boss, boss, boss, boss!

  • Jim: I married her for her looks. Cheryl: I married him for his money. Jim: Hah! I win!

  • Cheryl: Remember when dad took us to see 'The Exorcist'? I still have trouble going to bed sometimes! Dana: Of course you do, you sleep with Jim!

  • Jim: Dana, would you tell your sister her ass is not big? Dana: But you are big, Jim.

  • Dana: Jim, you wearing your fancy boxers to church today?
    Jim: Oh, you're just mad because I can look so fine for a buck ninety-nine.

  • Jim: Where's the rulebook? Cheryl: What rulebook? Jim: You know. The religious one... the Bible.

  • Cheryl: (to Dana, about their neighbors' kitchen) I heard it has Internet access in the refrigerator! Dana: Why? Cheryl: I don't know!

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Notes (247)

  • The house used for the show is the same house used on another show premiering that season: The Ellen Show.

  • The series was titled "The Dad" before its premiere.

  • This episode didn't feature any guest stars.

  • This episode features the first appereance of Tony Braunagel, a recurring star.

  • David Feeney, the name of the ex-boyfriend Cheryl said her cat was named for, is also the name of one of the show's writers.

  • This episode features the first appereance of Kathleen Noone as a recurring star, Cheryl's mother Maggie.

  • On the Saturday following the original airing of this episode, January 26th at 8/7c, the whole (adult) cast hosted the "Bond Picture Show" airing of the movie "Dr. No" on ABC.

  • Originally scheduled to air on November 28, 2001.

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Trivia (85)

  • Dana's excuse for not watching the kids is that she forgot her mother's birthday. What kind of daughter does that? Couldn't the writers come up with a better excuse?

  • When Andy said he ran across the street to go to the Radisson at the game, he shouldn't have been allowed back into the game. However he was at the game later.

  • Cheryl's birthday is on August 23rd.

  • Courteney Thorne-Smith (Cheryl) broke her arm in real life, that's why she's wearing a cast in this episode.

  • When Jim says, "Not on my teeth," after Dana asks if he has been using her toothbrush, he is spraying whipped cream onto his food; in the next shot, the whipped cream has abruptly jumped onto the table.

  • Cheryl mentions that Ruby's birth date is June 27, 1995.

  • When Cheryl tells Dana that she had a smoke with Sarah Williams because Sarah's husband left her, Dana excitedly asks if "Jay Williams" is single. Actress Kimberly Williams (who plays Dana) has a younger brother named Jay Williams.

  • The therapist's name is Dr. Gamble. Tracy Gamble is one of the staff writers.

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Allusions (58)

  • Episode Title: "The Cat Came Back" The episode title is a reference to a popular children's song written by Harry S. Miller, in 1893. The song is originally titled "And the Cat Came Back," but it's also known as "The Cat Came Back." The story tells about a man who is trying to get rid of a cat, but the cat keeps on coming back. There were also a few movies made with the same title.

  • Episode Title: "An According to Jiminy Christmas" This is a reference to the show's title "According to Jim" combined with Christmas, as a theme of the episode.

  • Episode Title: "Model Behaviour" This is a reference to TV comedy from 2000, "Model Behaviour," starring Maggie Lawson, and the earlier version of the movie from 1984.

  • Episode Title: "Blow-Up" This is a reference to a 1966 thriller/drama movie titled "Blowup" or "Blow-Up," starring Vanessa Redgrave. This was Michelangelo Antonioni's first British film.

  • Episode Title: "Under Pressure" This is a reference to 1935 drama with the same title, and a thriller from 2000.

  • When Dana walks in the room she hands the bags to Andy and then go's to walk into the kitchen and u can see her purse sitting on the floor and then after the camera zooms out it is sitting on the couch.

  • Jim mentions that he was watching the director's cut of "Red Heat" when the DVD player broke. Red Heat stars James Belushi.

  • The title is a reference to Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.

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