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    Reply to RaymondMartin6

    By rpgringo, Mar 14, 2014

    The episode you are looking for is called, Bank Robbery, season 2, episode 24.

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    Changed everything

    By DaddoRam, Jul 18, 2013

    Cop shows are as much a part of television as college football and 60 Minutes. In the old days, the shows were pretty dopey, without any realistic view of life as a police office. Plenty of action, but about as realistic as a flying nun. "Adam 12" changed everything. Jack Webb started with "Dragnet" to bring knowledge of real police procedure into the mix, but "Adam 12" was a huge step, as we rode along through life in the car with typical (though excellent) cops. The show was consistently well-written, some of the stories could be kind of silly, and like anything Jack Webb touched it had a touch of preachiness, sometimes a very heavy touch. But for the most part the stories were compelling, and unlike "Dragnet" the show had a very relaxed sense of humor.

    We get touches of real life--we meet "Jean," Reed's wife, and even get to enjoy the birth of his son. And we get a girlfriend or two for "The Strawberry There are minor characters, from other cops (most notably Sgt. McDonald) to street characters like the informant but for the most part the whole deal is just Pete and Jim, the black and white, and the people they encounter during their day whether helping victims or busting crooks.

    The show was very cutting edge, had a unique view on how to cover police work. If you enjoy the "CSI" shows, the outstanding "Hill Steet Blues", "NYPD Blue" or any other really strong television based upon police work, you need badly to go back and find "Adam

    The show can be a bit is, especially in the early episodes, a ridiculous view towards marijuana use and the political activism of the day. From a guy who wants to blow up a college and a group that's a take-off on the Black Panthers in an episode that J. Edgar Hoover would have loved to a long string of preposterous Hollywood fake "hippies," it's an unintentionally hilarious view of how "straights" viewed the counterculture of the day.

    But there are also some really excellent story lines about drugs, from a young friend of Reed's who gets into a pill party with ugly results in Season 3 to the spectacular story line of the final 2 eps, it's extremely well done.

    And perhaps the best part of the show is the simplest, not about police work but simply the relationship between two good friends whose positions mean trusting one another with their lives. You end up wishing you had a friend like that at your side when you faced your scariest moment.

    Yeah, I can pick on get a hoot out of making fun of the phony hippies and Jack Webb's temperance lectures about how people who smoke grass on Tuesday will be shooting heroin by the weekend, it's not nearly as racially diverse as you'd like and some of the black characters are bad for being 1971 it's as good as TV gets.

    And finally, it's a neat piece of cultural history, if you're a kid of the late 60s early 70s like me, and you're either from SoCal or interested in it, you'll love the show. Mentions of the Rams, a kid with a Dodgers cap, Travel Town and Griffith Park. It's not Hollywood, it's REAL the beauty and problems of it.

    I watched these as a kid, and about once a year find myself meeting young Jim Reed as he encounters his first day with veteran Pete Malloy and start my run through the 7 seasons of "Adam 12" on Netflix all over again. I've seen them all a dozen times, and they never really get old. One of my favorites!moreless

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    Best cops show!

    By AllanPoe, Feb 04, 2013

    Adam 12 is one of the most entertaining TV series I've seen in the television history! I love the action scenes and the story itself as being realistic in life of a policeman. The whole casts of this show is also great. I have not much time to catch the re-runs so I purchased one at memorylanedvd . com which supplied me wonderful DVD set with great picture and sound quality, so I can watch it during weekends! Adam 12 is truly one of the best cop show aired on the television!moreless

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    By 572combs, Oct 07, 2012


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    Huge suspect attempt to fight off Malloy and Reed

    By RaymondMartin6, Aug 06, 2012

    Malloy and Reed get tossed around by a huge suspect as the officers attempt to cuff him. After an exhausting struggle the officers are able to subdue him. Can anyone recall this episode's title.

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    I love the film shots of L.A.

    By forksville, Jan 01, 2010

    I didn't watch the show as a kid because it was too technical. I recently rediscovered all 7 seasons. I really love this show, particularly the shots of L.A. The police cruiser takes you through all parts of L.A. in the 70's--the beach, the mountains, the streets and the parks. The show is very authentic and makes me appreciate what the police go through from the tedious paperwork, legal technicalities, to dealing with social breakdown and extreme violence. I also think Officer Malloy is really hot. I just don't get how he wound up with Helen Crump in the last season.moreless

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    Another Brilliant Jack Webb Production

    By karlmeszaros, Oct 11, 2009

    I've watched almost every show in the series at least twice and in one sense this series is timeless. Sure police techniques have changed some and there's a dizzying array of technology that wasn't around when the show was filmed, but at the end of the day, a police officer is sworn to protect and serve.

    I think Adam-12 is such a great program because we see so many different aspects of police work and some terrific interactions between police and both criminals and victims. They are stern and use force when necessary and are equally capable of extending compassion and empathy when needed. We see both professional and personal bonds between Malloy and Reed. In addition to being partners, Malloy is Reed's son's godfather and they help each other out in life when they can.

    I have a deep respect for our police force and all first responders. I think the police especially have a thankless job with some people just waiting to pounce on any small mistake an officer makes. I am happy to see police cars on the road and to know that they are on the job protecting us. Adam-12 gives us inside look and, I think, the opportunity to better understand and be truly grateful for the men and women that put their lives on the line so that we can live ours in peace and freedom.moreless

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    I just spent an entire weekend over the Christmas break, watching the DVD's of the first two seasons of Adam 12.

    By sandbur, Jan 04, 2009

    I was but a "young-un" when this show was on the air, but I loved it and then and I love it now. I do recall it making me want to be a cop myself, back in the days when, in reality, a female cop was only good enough to answer phones! Needless to say, if I could not be in a car with "Pete Malloy" I did not want the job!

    Watching then, I was certain I was seeing the "real thing". Watching now, it still seems relevant in the stories portrayed, but its almost as much fun looking at the cars parked on the streets, and egads(!), the clothes we wore, and I swear to the world I NEVER said the word "groovy"!

    Two street cops with no cell phones, no semi automatic pistols, SWAT was a novel possibility and someone had just had the bright idea that a helicopter might be a great aid to the policeman on the ground! And still, the job got done...imagine that...

    I can't wait for the remaining five seasons to be released. Adam 12 is proof positive you CAN go back!moreless

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    One of the coolest shows that I have ever watched.

    By Jen51124077, Sep 19, 2008

    Adam 12 is just so amazing. Watching what police officers do is just so exciting, there aren't many words that I can say that could describe how good this show is. I still watch it any time that I get, can't wait till they put it on DVD. The pairing of Martin and Kent is really good, funny, and just plain good to watch. Jack Webb really caught the big picture of what the police department really is and what they really do, I think that's why a friend of mine wants to join the police department. Well thanks for reading my rambilings, God bless!moreless

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