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    This is good cartoon for kids. I hope all is on DVD.

    By tdickensheets, Jan 30, 2009

    I saw this on HBO Family when it was on TV. I have the DVD 2 disks. Now is He's 50 year birthday and is time to sell toys, games, etc. in USA & other plases. I like to buy the Paddington Bear pluch. I have Teddy Ruxpin. I also try to get Little Bear plush. I hope that HBO Family or Nick Jr. have it on there channel. Lets try to get this back on TV. You watch this cartton your kids will like to see this cartoon. P.S. Teddy Ruxpin says hi! Teddy Ruxpin wants see you.

    Teddy bearmoreless

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    Could have been a lot better.

    By xGowronx, Jan 25, 2006

    This is one of my all time favourite childrens series. The original cartoons are now classics, but this recently made one really needed a lot of work.

    Paddington is a very lovable, endearing bear for the young and old. He has a straightforward and simple approach to life and he only sees the good in every situation. He gets into messes but always manages to turn things around.

    While some adults who grew up with the other version of these cartoons will probably balk at this series this is at least a wholesome, nonviolent animated series for kids.


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