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    The classic superhero show: an invulnerable hero with a secret identity, a clear-cut line between good people and evil, a single means to destroy the hero, and 104 imaginative ways that one might devise to defeat him.

    By gwactuary, Jan 15, 2013

    I wonder what role Superman would have today if he were real.

    To begin with, he would have no secret identity, for Clark Kent would be investigated time after time as our government would demand to know more about the link he has to Superman.

    And I wonder if society would accept the presence of a superhero. More likely, he would be the subject of suspicion, notwithstanding his track record in fighting crime.

    And I fear he'd be a liability in crime prevention: Few of his crime-solving exploits would lead to convictions, as the bad guys lean more and more on their constitutional protections against Superman's techniques. For finding loopholes to justify criminal behavior has BECOME "The American Way."

    But I'm thankful for the fantasy that the producers of the show brought to our televisions. It was an immensely fun show to watch.moreless

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    From Serial To TV Show

    By TVMichigan, Jul 08, 2012

    For many baby boomers George Reeves was their Superman, and for most Gen X'ers, their Superman was Christopher Reeve. Both generations have something in common, both stars made great Supermen.

    This was a great TV show, and is a show for the family. For any Superman fan who hasn't seen the Superman serials or the 1950s TV show, I urge you to watch them. Great shows with great stories.

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    They don't make shows like this anymore...though I wish they did...

    By BatJane, Feb 18, 2011

    If some TV network ever makes a new "Superman" series, they should do it in the same old-school style as "The Adventures of Superman". This series pre-dated "Star Trek" and "Batman" by a decade by being shot in color and showed viewers the many technical splendors (i.e. special effects) that can be done on a shoestring budget. Lois, Jimmy, Perry and Inspector Henderson were all memorable supporting cast members, a trait that would carry over to the 1990s "Lois & Clark" series (only Inspector Henderson would not appear in that installment). The same could not be said for the villains, which is probably just as well.moreless

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    It's a bird, it's know the rest!

    By GameraTrekkie, Oct 03, 2010

    I was born in 1983, so I did not grow up watching this TV series. That does not change the fact on how great the series is. George Reeves shines in this series as Clark Kent/Superman. The real star of the series, however, is Jack Larson. He completely owns the screen as Jimmy Olsen, especially later in the series. The best thing about "Adventures of Superman" is that it never gets tired or boring the longer it went. The last episode was just a fun as the first. Every Superman fan owes their fandom to this TV series, which made Superman more popular than he was as just a comic book.moreless

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    You will again be amazed at how simple the production is, and yet how extremely effective it is. The color is great, and the special effects work well for the most part.

    By 1Hombre, Oct 03, 2010

    George Reeves does a great job as Superman, but it was his confident Clark Kent that shows the range of this talented and underappreciated thespian. Reeves, who often looks more muscular in his classic suits than in his Superman garb, plays Kent with far more confidence and humor than recent incarnations, and it works.

    Jack Larson sets the bar high as Jimmy Olsen, and no actor to date has come close to it since. His child-like innocence, subtle humor, and energy are an acting lesson in each appearance. He steals scenes one after another. The rest of the cast, including Noel Neill as Lois Lane, also establish the institution that is Superman with excellent performances, which other actors have and should continue to strive towards.

    If there is any weakness here, it is the stories. Even geared towards children, these stories can be considered weak. Often the plots make little sense and the guests appear to be trying to figure them out. There are a few gems in the set, but for the most parts, it is the acting of our leads and the special effects that are the highlights here.

    For a complete review; check our maskedmoviesnobs.commoreless

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    Perry White's pearls of wisdom

    By aferraro, Apr 26, 2009

    I grew up with the "Adventures of Superman" but it was only in my early adulthood did I come to appreciate the non-PC and sexist remarks by Perry Whyte, usually in reference to Lois.

    For example. In one scene, Lois is ordered to take an impromptu flight across the country to some interesting location for a news report, and in her rush, she exclaims "but I haven't a thing to wear!", to which Perry states "What woman ever did!".

    In another episode, Lois is making some interesting remarks about something I forgot in front of all the boys, which bemuses and befuddles the younger men. Perry's response is:

    "My boy when a woman has nothing to say, she speaks in riddles....just to keep every one in a state of confusion".moreless

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    No amount of Kryptonite can destroy this series!

    By skaizun, Jul 16, 2008

    Back in the days when there were no color TV's, no cell phones, no microwaves ovens, no computers (hey! how did we survive without all that???), there actually was a television show with believable plots (in a science-fictiony way!), good (if hammy!) acting, and, just a tad violent (bullets shown bouncing off Superman's chest), and even a bit frightening ("Superman and the Mole Men"), but was a wonderful, family-friendly, show!

    Though there were some scares over very few kids in bedsheets-turned-capes, allegedly leaping off balconies, thinking they were Superman, the majority of us knew what was real and what wasn't. I guess we 50's kids were smarter than today's kids who imitate, to disastrous effect, the faux-wrestlers on today's TV. George Reeves, a smoker, was so concerned about the character he protrayed, that he never smoked in front of children or fans! That's class!

    On a personal note, one of my uncles bore a striking resemblance to George (Superman) Reeves, and, being just a kid, back then, I considered it my duty never to reveal his secret identity! (still haven't!)

    Given a choice between our modern technology and sociological environment, with its ultra-violent, gross, potty-mouthed, near-pornographic, TV shows, parading as entertainment for the masses, as opposed to returning to a simpler, more serene time of black and white TV's and enjoying good television programs with the family, I'd pick the latter every time!

    Take me away, Superman!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Jeepers Superman, have you seen Mr Kent. This is a show that represents the innocence of the early days of TV. I was an avid viewer and grew up with Superman Comic books. For a child of the time it was never a dissapointment.

    By JohnnyGnote, Nov 09, 2007

    Superman was one of those shows I couldn't wait to see as a kid, TV was in it's infancy and things were still dependent on trickery and good acting, a bit camp but it did the job. George Reeves was an excellent Superman and never did injustice to the legacy of the comic, a true to life comic book Hero and intelligent actor. His demise was very unfortunate and spoke to the drawbacks of type casting for talented actors. Unfortunately this era of TV was a wasteland and most shows were hype and pap, but Superman was deffinetly a breath of naive fresh air.moreless

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    A classic and resourceful entry in early action television.

    By Mac-Ale, Oct 05, 2007

    "The Adventures of Superman" was an exciting series chronicling the exploits of the man of steel that stands the test of time and has been syndicated for decades, perhaps as timeless as "I Love Lucy" itself.

    I was always impressed that the series managed to make the most of the character given the lack of special effects technology that was possible or affordable at the time. Season 1 was particularly strong with classic mystery elements and a darker tone, as well as featuring the excellent Phyllis Coates starring as Lois Lane. "The Case of the Talkative Dummy" still creeps me out. As the series progressed, it became more light-hearted and sometimes comedic and I think that some of the later episodes are not as strong, though the excellent "Panic in the Sky" is just one example of a good story after Season 1. By the end, the Noel Neill Lois, a more comedic Jimmy Olsen and the stylized Professor Pepperwinkle (who like Inspector Henderson became so well-known that he were introduced into the comics in the 1970s) lent a somewhat sillier tone to the series. At the same time, George Reeves remained a big hero with a twinkle in his eye and showing a nicely-acted Clark Kent.

    In many ways, this was a series more about Clark than Superman, and Reeves brings it all off with a knowing wink.moreless

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    One Cool Superman Show

    By MrBond5000, Aug 10, 2007

    I had never seen this show cause it is before my time. So i got it on dvd and loved it. I think it is the best Superman TV show out there. George Reeves kicks some serious ass as Clark Kent/Superman. He just pulls off the two characters very well. The show usually always has very good intersing plots that keep u interested. It may be black and white for the first two seasons but dont left that throw u off. It is a fantastic show. I also like how he jumps before flying as that is just plain awesome. Even the flying dont look half bad for a show from the fiftys. If u are a true hardcore Superman fan. Then this is the show for you.moreless

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