Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers

(ended 1986)
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  • S 1 : Ep 65


    Aired 12/11/86

  • S 1 : Ep 64

    Sundancer (2)

    Aired 12/10/86

  • S 1 : Ep 63

    Gift of Life (1)

    Aired 12/9/86

  • S 1 : Ep 62

    Tower of Combat

    Aired 12/8/86

  • S 1 : Ep 61

    Fire and Iron

    Aired 12/5/86

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jerry Orbach

    Zachary Foxx

  • Earl Hammond

    Cmdr Walsh/Captain Kidd/Lazarus Slade/Cody "Wildfire" Carson/Wild Bill Krebb/King Spartos

  • Corinne Orr

    Queen of the Crown/Kiwi Kids

  • Laura Dean

    Niko/Aliza Foxx/Jessica Foxx/Elma

  • Maia Danziger

    Maya of Tarkon/Annie Oh/Mistwalker/Audra Miles/Daisy O'Mega/Darkstar

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  • show Description
  • In 2086, two peaceful aliens journey to Earth seeking help. In return for Earth's assistance, the aliens share the plans for the planet's first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. With this new technology in hand, a team of unique individuals are assembled to protect Earth and its allies. These courageous pioneers - committed to the highest ideals of justice - set out to preserve law and order across the new frontier. The show began airing in September 1986 as a series of sixty-five 30-minute cartoons, running five days a week. Since then, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers has reached cult status, sparking a loyal following. This visionary series combines elements of Westerns, space opera and a sword and sorcery style of fantasy. The well-developed plotline and captivating characters, which pushed the boundaries of children's programming in the '80s, are sure to excite loyal fans as well as a new generation of science fiction and animation enthusiasts. The series was one of the first anime-style shows to be created, storyboarded, voiced and produced in the United States and was animated in Japan by the famed Tokyo Movie Shinsha. This action-packed cartoon series also features the vocal talents of the late Jerry Orbach, Bob Bottone, Laura Dean and Earl Hammond. Galaxy Rangers Ho!moreless

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  • Quotes (173)

    • Zachary Foxx: (after being captured by Kidd) I'm a Galaxy Ranger, assigned to protect an alliance with the Andorians and Kiwis! Captain Kidd: Galaxy what? I laugh, I scoff, human!

    • Andorian: The days of the Crown are numbered! The Queen cannot make our League of Planets serve her against our will! Queen of the Crown: We'll see about that!

    • Crown Agent: Get your hands up! We're taking you folks in for routine torture!

    • Geezi: You scrawny things are the hummings the Queen is so excited about?! Zachary Foxx: Humans, Geezi, humans!

    • Niko: Zero Gravity gymnastics is good exercise and good training, too. Waldo: I appreciate your concern Niko, but Zero G just isn't natural. Zozo: Oh yeah? How come there's so much of it?

    • Killbane: Stand still! Goose: Fighting you is like standing still!

    • Killbane: You can't win, runt. You're inferior! Goose: So how come you're the one who's backing away? Killbane: We'll see about that!

    • Alien: Look, humans. Goose: Beat it, anchovy brain! Alien: (walking away in fear) Uhn. Zachary Foxx: Let's go. Doc: Guess I told him.

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    Notes (26)

    • It is found on the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Phoenix

    • Found in the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Tortuna

    • Found on the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Chained

    • Found on the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Chained

    • Brappo has converted the entire state of New Jersey into his own, personal garden, which is highly appropriate, since New Jersey's nickname is "The Garden State".

    • Found in the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Tortuna

    • Doc does not appear in this episode. His place is filled by Buzzwang.

    • Found on the DVD Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Phoenix

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    Trivia (77)

    • According to the booklet that accompanied the DVD set of Volume 1, Zachary Foxx is 35, Doc Hartford is 25, Niko is 24, and Shane Gooseman is 19.  Aliza Foxx is 33, Little Zach is 14, and Jessica is 12.  Both Commander Walsh and Q-Ball are 45. 

    • The Queen can speak through her robotic commanders. When she is doing so, a hologram of the Queen's face appears over the blank face of the robot.

    • Captain Kidd's spaceship is called The Iron Falcon.

    • This episode introduces Zach, Aliza, Little Zach, Jessica (Jessie), Waldo, Zozo, GV, Captain Kidd, the Queen.

    • This episode introduces Geezi the Pedulont and Bubblehead the Memory Bird

    • Niko picks up the images of four Supertroopers from Goose, including Killbane. When Goose confronts Killbane, he asks where the others are, naming Gravestone and Darkstar.

    • We learn that Niko's telepathic powers can be augmented by the other Galaxy Rangers when they are in physical contact with her.

    • Goof: When Goose pushes his bayonet to Killbane's neck, Goose has his shirt on, but they'd been fighting without them on, and it was gone again after the closeup.

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    Allusions (62)

    • The Slaver Lords' faces are black, with flashing lights as they speak, similar to the face of the main bad guy Baltar from the original Battlestar Galactica series, which aired in 1978.

    • The character Captain Kidd is meant to bring to mind the actual pirate Captain William Kidd, a Scottish Privateer in the late seventeenth century.

    • Bubblehead: The Queen's going to tweak you good, you hoser!
      Calling others "hosers" was fairly common in the early eighties, since the movie Strange Brew, which lampooned Canadians, based on the CBC skits of Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.

    • Freedom Fighter: Klaatu niktu barada!
      The phrase "Klaatu barada nikto" comes from the Cold War-era science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still. In the film, "Klaatu barada nikto," was used to stop the robot Gort from destroying the Earth.

    • The jet cycles used by the Galaxy Rangers strongly resemble similar vehicles used by some Empire troops in the movie Return of the Jedi.

    • The Black Hole Gang is also mentioned in the 1984 series Mighty Orbots episode "Magnetic Menace".

    • Annie Oh and the Black Hole Gang Annie Oh is a tribute to the real life cowgirl Annie Oakley, and The Black Hole Gang is based on the infamous "The Black Hand Gang". Annie's horse Belle Starr is also named after a well known female outlaw of the Wild West.

    • The Basuti strongly resemble the Ewoks from the movie Return of the Jedi.

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  • An exceptional "under-the-radar" show.

    By Mystic369, Apr 10, 2008

  • Wild west stories set in outer space.

    By tmkreutzer, Jan 03, 2008

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