Aeon Flux

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Quotes (17)

  • Onan: Trevor Goodchild claims he's a visionary, making the world better.
    Sybil: Yes, Trevor Goodchild he is not a Breen.

  • Trevor: That which does not kill us makes us stranger.

  • Aeon: ......crush his soul, impale him upon his own ego.

  • Trevor: Although the method of procreation with you, sounds appealing.

  • Trevor: Now I have you, any way , anyone could possibly dream of.

  • Trevor: Funny, bringing back our own dead.

  • Trevor: That's the funny think about memory isn't it. We are not what we remember of ourselves. We are what people say we are. They project on pond us, there convictions, we are nothing but blank screens.

  • (Trevor explains his theory about the virus) Trevor: My project isn't universal madness, its universal happiness. Aeon: Who was it you said was insane? Aeon: I knew you'd come eventually. I never did catch your name. Boy: I am before names. Aeon: Good for you! How long does this go on? Boy: ...always. Aeon: I'm bored already.

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Notes (32)

  • You can tell where the short ended. It's either when the end with a black (once up) screen showed up at the end, then cuts to another scene.

  • These were several shorts that was included in the kick-ass show Liquid Television. Originally shown in six parts (according to's guide) but I only counted five.

  • Aeon dies by getting caught in her own wire, resulting in hanging herself.

  • Aeon dies by getting squashed by creature.

  • Peter Chung (creator) had an idea for this episode after watching "Star Trek 6" (Quoted by himself.)

  • Aeon dies by her neck snapping as her head hits the side of a shelf sticking out from a wall inside the elevator, after being knocked on the side of her head by a gun.

  • Aeon dies by gun shot.

  • This episode as well as the rest that follows it are the full length episodes.

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Trivia (1)

  • Bambara runs from train car #3 to car #2, but on the outside of the car, it says #3 but should say #2.

Allusions (1)

  • Near the beginning, Aeon and Scafandra discuss their regret that D Section has been shut down, which is why they have to cross the Breen-Monican border together at the pass in this episode. This is a reference to the episode Thanatophobia, where Sybil and Onan attempt to cross into Monica. By the end of that episode, it is clear why D Section is no longer safe.