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    One of Disney's Best Films Given a Great Series

    By DisneyVillain, May 19, 2014

    The 1992 Disney Adaption of Aladdin gave us one of the best Disney heroes of all time. Aladdin was agile, handsome, pure hearted, intelligent, and a diamond in the rough. It was given a sequel, The Return of Jafar, and while the animation was inferior to the first film, it was still pretty good. The series finally concluded with Aladdin and the King of Thieves, but between the two sequels, we got this television series.

    Aladdin now lives in the palace with his fianc, Jasmine. While the two lovebirds do have a few rocky moments at times in the show, the two stuck together and were still so much in love. Aladdin still has his team of friends to allows help him save the day. The Genie, who had incredibly powerful magic. Iago, Jafar's parrot, turned Aladdin's ally, was a greedy parrot, but very intelligent when it came to magical items and history. Abu, Aladdin's pet monkey was a skilled thief and still had his lockpicks. CArpet was a sentient magic carpet and was used as transportation. Jasmine herself has become a force to be reckoned with. Studying Aladdin's combat style, she herself became a skilled fighter and just as agile as Aladdin himself.

    With the death of Jafar, Aladdin had a few new recurring villains to fight, many of which are now considered classic Disney Villains. Abis Mal, who first appeared in the Return of Jafar, was an incompetent but still dangerous thief with an obsession for hats. Mozenwrath was a power hungry sorcerer that was the same age as Aladdin and had similarities to Jafar. Mirage was an incarnation of evil that sought to destroy Aladdin and Agrabah simply to be evil. Mekanicles was the greatest of the great Greek geniuses and germophobe who used the best technology at the time to clean the world at the cost of the environment or people's lives.

    Now like the two sequels, the animation of the television is inferior to the first film, but it was still very great. In fact this show is worthy of a 10 out of 10 except for one thing. It's still not out on DVD. This was one of the best shows I had growing up as a kid and I'd like to relive it.moreless

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    Want to get into

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    1st ep (10)

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    About the show

    By JordanWelch, Jan 12, 2013

    This series has great Music Direction and Composition in seasons 1-2, Film Sound Editing in seasons 1-2, and Sound Mixing in seasons 1-3.

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    While there are many people who hated Disney's endeavors to turn their hit movies into television programs, I loved the idea and I believe that this series was just as good as the movies on which they were based.

    By Schwarzwald, Jun 23, 2008

    I enjoyed watching the Aladdin movies, but to be honest, I never really cared that much about them. What's really odd is the fact that I actually enjoyed watching the Aladdin TV Series more than I did the Aladdin movies, as I feel that the characters were portrayed in a better fashion throughout the course of the series. Unlike the movies, which were devoted towards a few villains and one large plot per movie, the series introduced a ton of characters and plots that really helped make the series memorable. Despite this fact, the series also tried to remain respectful to the movies and I felt that the characters remained true to their form, especially Iago; he was my favorite character in the movies and he remained my favorite character in the series, though I digress. All in all, Aladdin could have been better, but I honestly believe it was one of the best movie based cartoons that was ever created.moreless

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    Aladdin was Disney's greatest and beloved characters ever adapted. It all began in 1991, when Aladdin, the feature film, was released in theaters. It became a major blockbuster and grew to be so popular that a year later Disney decided to make a sequel.

    By KAF17, Jun 19, 2008

    I loved this series when it was on television as a child. I used to wait and watch it everyday and when they started moving the time around, I try to watch when I could catch it. I loved all the characters from the series to Aladdin all the way down to every villains that came on the series. Anyway, it was a shame it had to go but I just everything have to come to an end. I am happy that I was around to see this vision of the movie in a television series that many children loved or will love.moreless

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    I love Aladdin. Although I prefer the original movie the series is still really good. Please check out my profile some time.

    By funkygirl_008, Apr 26, 2008

    OMG! I love Aladdin. But then again I love all the disney movies. Genie is my favorite character. In chior I get to sing all the songs in one big medly with my besty Adrian. But check out the series and the movies they are awesome. It may not air on tv any more (At least I'm not sure if it does or not) but you can still buy the movies and other things. Out of all the disney movies Aladdin is my number 3. Nothing can beat the lion king 1 and 2. But anyway I love Aladdin and the shows.moreless

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  • 9.8

    alddin is cool i have all ways wacht it a how lot and it is the best show ther is so i hop that some day alddin will have new epsords and new advichers case i love his shows and all of the moves to so i hop that he cums out with new ones sone i hop so

    By bradsings, Apr 13, 2008

    aladin is cool i love it it is a good show to wach it is the best show i have aver seen i wish that aladin could come out with new shows and new ep case i love it i love the epserd win alddin and morzin raff shich bodys and be cum one with e cuther its like talking to a meara and i love it win geeny meets his new girl friend genny it is so cool i love it a how lot so i hop that he cums out with new ones a gine i so hop somoreless

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    Really good cartoon mixed with all the right ingredients ..

    By swassy, Jun 27, 2007

    I used to watch this show when I was a kid on saturday mornings...I also watched the movies and thought that they were really great. Aladdin is a homeless boy but with a golden heart. He is always accompanied by his monkey pet and friend Abu. However, Abu very often has his eyes bigger than his belly and is often taking things that doesn't belong to him and getting both in trouble. One day, Aladdin helped Princess Jasmine and fell in love with her. Together, they go through different adventures and fight the bad guys with the help of Genie, Iago and magic carpet.moreless

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    i used to watch this show all the time

    By silent_medium, Jun 23, 2007

    i loved watching aladdin! i even have a few episode moives, yes, VHS! i have the first aladdin and aladdin and the king of thievs. it has been forever since i watched this show, but if i had the chance to see it again some time, i would definitely watch it! i miss this show, it's great. i loved genie. he was/ is hilarious! iago, too. he is always getting into trouble; trouble that abu starts, of course. it's amazing how one kingdom can have so many monsters attack it but yet it look "perfect." aladdin was difinitely a favorite of mine.moreless

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