Behind the Locked Door

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    A young, plain, sickly girl marries a guy that is a gold digger. The mother, who is very overprotective of her daughter must try and stop this guy from ruining her life and getting all the money.

    By davidneumark, Sep 02, 2008

    Bad things happen to bad people is a great way to describe this Hitchcock episode. I consider this episode as a really good installment of the show. Definately on the top 10 Hitchcock Hour episodes that Ive seen and Ive seen everyone! The story follows a man who marries a plain, sickly girl who has a great fortune but cant get to the money because of the over protective mother, who stands in the way. The acting is wonderful with the great Gloria Swanson as the mother and a good performance by James McCarthur, who later in his career played Danno in the Hawaii 5-O series. You learn to really hate the young man, who obviously wants the mansion and the hidden loot somewhere in the house behind the locked door, thus the name of the episode. All the characters are well fleshed out so we really understand all the main characters right from the start. The ending is absolutely fantastic, and needless to say, the bad man gets his just desserts at the end. Very chilling ending, to say the least.moreless

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