Death Scene

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  • 4.0

    Had Potential, But Fell

    By amtdn, Aug 07, 2013

    Not one of AHH's best. Big stars, interesting premise, but the ending should have been more clever.

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  • 8.1

    A sly mechanic thinks he can con a down and out movie director and his daughter for their money.

    By marvelfan89, Mar 05, 2007

    Leo is a mechanic working on the car of the famous Nick Revere. She (Vera Miles) is an aspiring actress with a famous father. The father Gavin Revere though has retired after a slew of terrible films.

    Leo wants to con them both so he can get his hands on her fortune. He plans to make her fall in love with him and the two of them can kill their father.

    However, the end result is much different from what the plot has you believing. The ending was a real riot. Vera Miles who most people won't remember outside of "Psycho" is great here.

    This is a memorable episode. It shows how when people think they have someone figured out, in the end they really don't.

    John Caradine who is known for starring in a lot of obscure movies himself is also decent as the stubborn, father and retired director.moreless

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