How to Get Rid of Your Wife

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Notes (4)

  • This was an Americanized version of a British television play by Robert Gould which had been televised by the BBC on a Sunday night only a year or so earlier. Peter Sallis played the leading role, here taken by Bob Newhart. Although the script was rewritten for an American setting and slightly trimmed, Robert Gould retained sole script credit.

  • The opening music, which is woven thru the episode, is very similar to the bouncy Odd Couple Theme. This episode's music is by Lynne Murray, the Odd Couple Theme by Neal Hefti.

  • The actress playing the pet shop owner, Anne Morgan Guilbert, later was in Dick Van Dyke Show & The Nanny

  • This episode was filmed in the same house set used in the television series Leave it to Beaver.