The Jar

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    Bizarre even by Hitchcock standards, this unique episode is filled with backwoods characters both creepy and laughable. After the twist ending, you'll never look at "Mr. Haney" in quite the same way!

    By TVTimmy, Jul 28, 2011

    This is one of the best Hitchcock programs ever, and a departure from the usual hard-boiled murder formula, though a murder does indeed eventually take place. The characters are so extreme as to border on camp, and perfectly portrayed by a star-filled cast.

    Classic TV fans will recognize many of the players, including Collin Wilcox (as Thedy Sue), who also starred in the famous Twilight Zone episode, "Number 12 Looks Just Like You." And if Jadu sounds familiar, it's because he later appeared on PeeWee's Playhouse as the King of Cartoons. This one is a must-see.moreless

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    Small town man with high hopes strikes out in more ways than one!

    By tinatalky, Feb 03, 2008

    Absolutely a cleverly plotted series classic!!!! This is definitely one of the best Alfred Hitchcock Hours' of all time! Very funny and tongue in cheek at times; scary at times; the best part is a great story with fantastic characters and fine character development! Surprise ending might catch you off guard--have fun! Watch out for the quick sand!!!!! The great Pat Butram is perfect for the role and so are all of his friends! Butram was a wonderful character actor throughout his acting career. This is old school television and Alfred Hitchcock at its best. A very fine story telling episode.moreless

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    Very scary hour but good

    By JPPT1974, Jun 29, 2007

    This was a very scary hour of tv. And that it shows usually comedic actors in a rare dramatic roles. And they did a great job on it IMHO. This man, from Green Acres, brings home a job that people see other things. But when he becomes famous, against his wife's wishes. He becomes more greedier and perhaps, evil. Best of the AHH shows!

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    Quite possibly the best hour of TV ever

    By Saywhat12, Sep 14, 2006

    I first saw "The Jar" several years ago in syndication. I had seen a short synopsis in my local TV listings: "Woman is frightened by the contents of her husband's jar". Sounded so ominous. I had no idea what I was in for. This episode had me positively captivated from begining to end. Actually, the first time I saw it I was afraid to watch the ending (hey, it was late at night), because by that point I had a feeling to where it was headed and it was one of those peeking through your fingers moment. I opted to change the channel instead. First thing the next morning I had to come onto this site to find out for sure how it ended. I've seen it more than once since then and I enjoy it almost just much as I did the first time. Herrmann's sinister circus-like score contributes much to the suspense. From the moment the title appears on-screen and the music starts, there's a feeling of anticipation which does not go away until the final fade out of the episode. After watching "The Jar", the name "Thedy Sue Hill" will be embedded in your memory for years to come. It's a shame that a great series like "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" doesn't get a lot of syndication airings.moreless

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