The Magic Shop

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    A man tells the story of his young son who turns into a monster after visiting a magic shop with a mysterious man running the shop.

    By davidneumark, Nov 22, 2010

    This episode is one of the unusual ones where its more of a ghost story than a typical Hitchcock type tale. One of the problems but there is one good ghost story to see and thats, Where the Woodbine twinith". Unfortunately this episode is a rip off episode to the better tale of, "Its a good life" about the boy that can wish away people to the cornfield done by the Twilight Zone and Billy Mumy. This tale is about a rather obnoxious boy, from the start, who, on his birthday, wants to spend his money at a mysterious magic shop in town that no one else sees. The father takes the boy there and the son eventually disappears with the magician behind the magic box. Once the boy returns home, after many missing nights, he is turned into this evil, mean, nasty boy who is truly evil. I will not comment on the ending but its safe to say that you really dont care about the parents or the kid, for that matter. Its a really bad episode from the get go. If you like these kind of tales, see "Its a good Life" from the Twilight Zone. Its miles better and the boy in that one is TRULY EVIL to the core. Much better acted than the Magic Shop. Skip it if you can!moreless

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