Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alibi Me

Season 2, Ep 7, Aired 11/11/56
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  • Episode Description
  • Georgie is a hoodlum looking for an alibi after the death of his rival.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alfred Hitchcock


  • Bernard C. Schoenfeld

  • Therd Jefre

  • Walter Brown Newman

  • Jules Bricken

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    • [Closing Narration] Alfred Hitchcock: Well, that was a surprise. A pistol shot used to kill Lucky wasn't in the original score, but that is what happens when the musician who plays the pistol is allowed to improvise. Naturally, Georgie was given life in prison, while the offending musician got off with a ten- year sentence. Next time, we plan to bring you more music and sound effects, and another story to accompany them. Good night.

    • Lucky: Just today, I sent you the biggest lollipop in town! A present from me to you. The biggest lollipop in town…for the town's biggest sucker! (begins laughing hysterically before Georgie shoots him in the back)

    • [Opening Narration] [Tonight, we find Alfred wielding a conductor's baton] Alfred Hitchcock: Good evening. [We hear a strange noise, Alfred turns toward it, then back to us] Alfred Hitchcock: Some of our late viewers tuning in. One of the commonest questions that people ask of a producer of mystery motion pictures is, "Which is written first, the words or the music?" In our case, the background music always comes first. After it is written, we sprinkle the score liberally with sound effects, and then hire an author to write appropriate scenes to accompany the music, quiet scenes to coincide with the somber passages, and scenes of violence to synchronize with the noisier sections. Finally, we garnish this potpourri with a title composed of from one to four words, selected because they are eye-catching and provocative. And we arrange them in a manner designed to titillate and confuse. Let me show you what one of our stories sounds like before it is written. [Alfred turns away and begins conducting an unseen "orchestra"] [A woman screams, gunshots, alarms, more gunshots, sirens, tires screeching, machine gun fire, explosions] [Alfred turns back, slightly out of breath] Alfred Hitchcock: How fortissimo can you get? I trust this has been educational. I deliberately cut that number short because it was the music for tonight's story, Alibi Me, and I didn't want you to know how it comes out. If you haven't already guessed, here is the way it begins.

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