Bang, You're Dead

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    Young Jackie thinks his uncle's gun is a toy, but it isn't - and he will keep pointing it at people.

    By orswel, Nov 25, 2011

    The very last segment of this series to be directed by Hitchcock personally (he later did the first show in "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour") is a brilliant exercise in excruciating suspense, but it's more than that. How expertly, and how swiftly, Hitchcock really nails America's hideous and all-pervading gun culture! Machismo has even infected a five-year-old as he runs around playing "war" games with his friends and talking about killing someone. The world in which this incipient assassin operates is depicted sharply - the bland, anonymous supermarket-and-suburbia setting is just right for repressed violence, a place where grown men are dominated by their ghastly spoiled brats and where the most likely victim of Jackie's urge to kill is the underpaid and under-appreciated African-American maid. The untypical seriousness of Hitchcock's wrap-up remarks is highly appropriate.moreless

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    Hitchcock-Directed Short Film Suspense Masterpiece.

    By apaul9, Nov 25, 2011

    Most of the Hitchcock-Directed episodes of Alfred Hichcock Presents are good, occasionally great, never quite rising to the level of his classic film work. Bang! You're Dead, starring a pre-Lost In Space Bill Mumy (with an appearance by his future TV sister Marta Krisen), has what those other episodes do not: Hitchcock in top form. The cattle (uh, actors) are excellent, working from a tight, clever and suspenseful script. Hitchcock delivers a short film masterpiece.

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