Conversation Over a Corpse

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    The Enright sisters have more secrets than anyone knows, but a cruel banker discovers a few when he comes to foreclose on their home.

    By orswel, Jul 28, 2009

    I have considerable nostalgia for this episode as it was the first "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" segment I ever saw, decades ago when I was a schoolboy. Seen again recently, it proves to be a slight but quite delightful yarn, one of those tales (of which this series was extremely fond) about a defenceless old dear who comes out on top despite the machinations of much nastier people all around her. Cissie Enright seems to have been preyed upon by cruel, selfish types most of her life, yet her scatty self-assurance is such that she sails through every crisis. Her enemies discover her resilience, but too late to save themselves.moreless

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