Conversation Over a Corpse

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Quotes (3)

  • Cissie: Is Joanna dead, Mr. Brenner? Mr. Brenner: She tried to kill me with that axe! Cissie: Yes, she always was an impatient woman.

  • [Closing Narration] Alfred Hitchcock: She was no sissy. As a matter of fact, that was her downfall. She wanted to steady her nerves before the police came, so she took a few slugs. Very sad. Except for the newspapers, who detected a love triangle. The picture papers had more fun than at a hanging. Well, so much for tonight's cooking demonstration. I hope I made everything clear. Next time, I shall show you how to prepare an exotic delicacy – white hunter a la Mau Mau. You'll be the talk of your neighborhood. I shall also reveal one of my own culinary secrets: how to remove the wrapper from a frozen food package without tearing the directions. Good night.

  • [Opening Narration] [As we begin, Alfred is wearing a chef's hat and holding two ladles in an "X" in front of him] Alfred Hitchcock: Good evening. Tonight we offer you a generous portion of mystery, a pinch of comedy, just a soupcon of a commercial, all seasoned by a few irrelevant comments from your host. As you may know, food is a hobby of mine. I don't claim to be an expert cook, but I am rather a good eater. [As he speaks, he wanders to a table filled with test tubes and beakers] Alfred Hitchcock: If you will wander into my kitchen, I'll allow you to watch me as I concoct some delicacy to tempt your palate. I cannot abide careless cookery. [Alfred lays down the ladles and picks up a cookbook] Alfred Hitchcock: Let me see. I've, uh, I've just added 10 cc's of sugar. All that is left is to add the white of one egg. And by the white, I do not refer to the clear gelatinous substance inside. Naturally, I mean the shell. This is where most amateur cooks make their mistakes. While you are waiting for me to finish, I suggest you turn your attention to tonight's story. It is called, Conversation Over a Corpse. It sounds like perfect dinner conversation.