Never Again

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    Has Karen committed a murder whilst drunk? She can't remember.

    By orswel, Jul 28, 2009

    A grisly account of alcoholism, very far from the usual type of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" story, but impressive; it never sinks to the Stanley Kramer finger-pointing level, and sententious speeches are mostly absent. The whodunit - or whodunwhat - element is also kept at a minimum, although it serves to justify including this grim yarn in this particular anthology series. The middle-class elegance and "niceness" of Phyllis Thaxter in the central role make the horror of the relentlessly bleak denouement that much more effective. Even the Hitchcockian wrap-up is subdued; every once in a while, he did stories like this to make a sharp change from the usual gruesome fun.moreless

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