The Diplomatic Corpse

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    Evan and Janet's Mexican holiday is ruined by the presence of Janet's unbearable aunt, and when she dies unexpectedly, things only get worse...

    By orswel, Jul 27, 2009

    Although one may, in these days of political correctness, murmur mildly about the caricatures of Mexican life - Hungarian-born Peter Lorre makes an unlikely Hispanic - this is a rather likeable and funny episode, and Lorre is certainly a droll scene-stealer as an unscrupulous private eye. The plot was devised by Alec Coppel, the Australian writer who shares script credit on Hitchcock's "Vertigo", and it bears some passing resemblance to that of his hit play of the same period, "The Gazebo" - the disposal of an inconvenient corpse being common to both pieces. George Peppard has an early leading role as the much-put-upon husband - he would become a more aggressive personality once stardom arrived.moreless

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