The Mail Order Prophet

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    Can the mysterious Mr. Cristiani really predict the future? What's important is that Ronald Grimes believes he can.

    By orswel, Jan 23, 2010

    An intriguing episode about the need of the down-trodden to believe. The sorely-tried, underpaid Ronald Grimes wants to escape the drudgery of his office and his dull life more than anything, and when he gets letters from a man he's never met, making predictions of the future which come true - allowing Grimes to make some money - he thinks he's found a genuine psychic. He hasn't, of course, but by the time the "mail-order prophet" is exposed as a fake, Grimes has already made a sizeable fortune, quit his tiresome job and sailed away to a life of adventure in exotic climes. He's living in a dream world, of course - but is that worse than drab "reality"? Acting and writing reach a high standard; the philosophical questions raised are acute.moreless

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