The Manacled

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    Even after being arrested, Steve Fontaine is very sure of himself. He may be handcuffed to the detective who wants to put him in jail, but he has every confidence he can escape - by one means or another.

    By orswel, Mar 31, 2011

    One of those stories about a crook so suave and unflappable that even arrest doesn't faze him. The poor, prosaic, up-by-his-bootstraps working-class cop who's apprehended him seems unlikely to detain him long enough to put him in a cell; even the fact that they're cuffed - "manacled" - to each other doesn't seem too great an obstacle to this suave mastermind. The twists and turns in the story are reasonably interesting, and William Redfield, as the villain, is so smug and sure of himself, you really want him to get his comeuppance. The episode features a brief, beautiful cameo by Edith Evanson, who also gave marvellous performances for Hitchcock in "Rope" and "Marnie".moreless

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