The Perfect Murder

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    A terrifically written episode! Good acting too!

    By lynnellingwood, Apr 02, 2007

    The finale of this episode had me laughing out loud. Two brothers are in line to inherit money on the death of an elderly aunt. The question is how to hasten and achieve her death. Will it be ok if one of them lives off her money while she is living, or must she be killed off sooner? What happens to the brother who isn't living off of the aunt and is suffering? What is the best method of death? These questions and more must be answered in this episode and it ends up being as amusing as can be. I've noticed I enjoy the episodes more if I go through the episode guide rather than the play all feature. There is a brief description of the episode as well as the names of the directors and writers. It helps me prepare for the the story.moreless

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